14 Best Sex Positions For Intense Female Orgasms

Sexual intercourse or coitus is one of the most pleasurable experiences for men and women. Especially the blissful feeling of ecstasy at the end. Even more so when you finish in your favourite sex position.

Reaching climax is readily achievable for men. But, women take a little more finesse and help to achieve the big O.

Unfortunately, most men only know a handful of techniques and styles to sexually satisfy the fairer sex which is not always enough.

While the missionary position may be great for intimacy, doing this every night leads to a boring sex life.

This, in turn, can lead to an unsatisfied partner at the end of the night.

Sex Positions For Intense Female Orgasms

Many women have that penis size and endurance are very important.

It is more important for men to learn some new moves in bed. This can keep things hot and passionate in the sack.

It’s true that men try their best to help their partner achieve orgasm during sex.

On the other hand, women have to at times, fake their orgasms to satisfy the man’s expectations and ego.

This is fine if it’s a one-off occurrence. But, faking an orgasm every time can be stressful and harmful to the relationship in the long run.

Hence, we have compiled a list of the 14 best sex positions for intense female orgasms. Let’s take a look:

The Crisscross Position:

The crisscross position is a great position if you want to stimulate your partner’s clitoris during sex manually.

This is a well-liked position. Especially because it doesn’t require both partners to be squished together and makes moving around easier.

The Crisscross Position

Edge Of The Bed

This is the sex position to go for if your partner enjoys deep penetration. The edge of the bed position is similar to the ankles up position (described later). But this is sexier as you haven’t even reached the bed before initiating sex.

Edge Of The Bed Position

Lying Doggy

This is a popular position for many women. She can manually stimulation her clitoris which being penetrated from behind. The lying doggy is similar to the doggy style. But it allows the woman to lie on her stomach, making it easier to continue for longer.

Lying Doggy Position

The Side Rider

This is an exciting sex position and is similar to woman-on-top, but instead of facing you, your partner will be riding from the side. The side rider is a new position to try out if you are in the mood for something fancy to spark up your bedroom game.

The Side Rider Position

The Bridge

This is a variation of the missionary position which allows you to get the maximum amount of penetration during sex. The bridge position allows you and your partner to intersect at the ideal angle for deep penetration.

The Bridge Position

Ankles Up

This is an easy-to-do position that helps achieve maximum penetration during sex. The ankles up position is great for men who find it difficult to achieve full penetration when they are on top or are flat with their partners.

Ankles Up Position

Woman On Top

This sex position is well-known by most couples and gives full control of the movements to the woman.

The woman-on-top position allows for the woman to control the motion as well as the depth of penetration that she wants while having access to the clitoris for stimulation.

Woman On Top Position

The Camel

While this may seem like it’s the typical woman-on-top position, it’s actually a slight variation of the same. The reason for this change being invented is that this position allows your penis to gently rub her G-spot while giving you full access to her clitoris for your fingers to do their magic.

The Camel Position

Coital Alignment Technique

According to some, this sex position, created by psychotherapist Edward Eichel, may be the greatest in the world. This sex position is known for its close physical contact and intense clitoral stimulation which is why it’s popular with women who want to enjoy orgasms during sex.

Coital Alignment Technique

Standing Against The Wall

While this position is not for every couple out there, it’s a real turn-on for women as this sex position is the forefather of the modern quickie. Porn makes this look easy. However, both of you are going to need good balance and strong legs to keep this up for long. And let’s not forget that this is best tried by those who have similar heights.

Standing Against The Wall

The Pretzel

The pretzel is a very imaginative position which is fun to do and can be exciting to do. In fact, this is a mixture of the doggy and sitting up styles.

The Pretzel Position

The Lap Dance

As the name suggests, this position is done by you sitting on a chair or sofa while your partner is facing the same direction. The lap dance is another sex position which allows the woman full control of the motion while giving access to the clitoris during sex.

The Lap Dance


Spooning sex is a great way to perform on a lazy Sunday morning and is a favorite for women who don’t favor deeper penetration. The reason this is a pleasure-inducing position is that it helps stimulate the majority of the nerve ending in the genitals which are in the front portion of the vagina.

Spooning Position


It’s back to basics with this one. The missionary position is one of the first ones every couple tries as it’s known for its intimacy and closeness. Surveys suggest that women love their partner’s weight pressing on them with this position being an all-time favorite. Try going in diagonally instead of straight in and out as this increases friction for greater clitoral stimulation which leads to greater orgasms.

The Missionary Position

According to a recent poll online, it was found that women like it when men try new and interesting things in bed as this shows an interest in furthering their relationship together. So, make sure to note these sex positions down as they are going to help you woo her into an intense orgasm tonight.

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