20 Celebrities Who Inspired Us With Their Weight Loss Transformations

Weight loss is one goal that a lot of people do want to achieve. A sexy, trim body like our favorite celebrity is a dream that we always want to get fulfilled. But does that really help us in a way that we desire? The answer might not be fascinating!

Unlike many of you, even I want to have a sexy and muscular physique like my favorite, Chris Hemsworth but the current situation of mine does not even have a single possibility become like him. Though I’m very much happy in my skin, due to human psychology, somewhere down the line, even I desire to have such amazing looking body.


The main ingredient for doing something which I believe is Passion and surely many of you like me lack a little bit, I guess. But, that is fine! And talking about celebs and their physique, I have often found people following their favorite celeb’s weight loss and bodybuilding technique to have somewhat like them.  So here are some of the celebrities and their mantra to have an amazingly trim body that triggers desires to have such body.

1. Christina Aguilera

Pop icon Christina Aguilera shocked all the paparazzi with her swooping forty-nine pounds stunning weight loss. This songstress gave haters an incredible surprise with her style and amazing weight loss.

Sources reveal that, at first, Genie in the Bottle singer had trouble losing weight and adjusting her meals. The pop singer revealed that she was stressed and too busy while she was a couch on The Voice.

But she made sure that stress and anxieties don’t hit her hard, so she indulged in full-fledged diet that kept her focused to achieve her goals.

Some blueberries, avocado, turkey bacon made an ideal combination of good fats and protein for her breakfast. She had her typical main meals of vegetables with chicken or salad.

Sometimes she would eat fish or chicken as dinner- a good source of healthy fat and protein with little rice and veggies.

Now you know, it’s not easy to be a diva!

Christina Aguilera Weight Loss

2. Jennifer Hudson

After giving birth to her son David, Jennifer Hudson stunned her fans and world with her absolute weight gain. But she knows how to give a surprise come back!

The former Voice UK judge, Jennifer had an amazing physical transformation, giving people their new inspiration.

In an interview, she opened up revealing how she maintained her 80 pounds weight loss for the past seven years. A source revealed that, due to Jennifer’s work and personal commitments, she looked more on her eating patterns rather than working out.

She started her day with fruits and yoghurt combo, a burrito or an egg white as her breakfast, followed by grilled chicken salad, turkey sandwich or shrimp and broccoli stir-fry as important meals.

She took care of her hunger craves too, low-fat tortilla with little light ranch dressing or a chai latte, microwavable popcorn, an apple, spoon full peanut butter, one square of chocolate, and Greek yogurt are some of her healthy munchings diet.

Woah such an inspiration to all the mothers!

Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss

3. Christian Bales

The Academy Award-winning actor is Hollywood’s Ultimate Chameleon. If you don’t know why then you should probably watch his movies!

This actor has experimented and experienced all types of physique transformation from being skinny for The Machinist to a sexy and toned body in The Dark Knight trilogy to bulking and fat for American Hustle. But his transformation for Backseat was commendable!

It was his absolute passion for acting that gave us some of his best movies and memorable characters.  According to sources, the actor went a healthy weight loss for Backseat and for the first time with health expert’s consultation. But he did it! And we know the rest.

In the end, I would say, I’d never seen such a passionate actor! Truly an ultimate Chameleon!

Christian Bale Weight Loss

4. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is one of the favorite faces for every weight-loss and beauty product manufacturers around the globe. With sexy and killer physique, her hips clearly don’t lie for how humongous her fan following is.

Kim has not only stunned global citizens post her pregnancy, but made media run behind her for her secret weight-loss mantra.

In an interview, Mrs. West opened up with Atkins 40 plan to keep her diet in control. She approximately ate around 1,800 calories a day to hit her intense workouts.

She adds further that she almost lost 70lbs with her amazing focus, diet and workout plan.

With her Atkins Diet, regular exercise, wise food choices and cheat days, Kim Kardashian West is a whole huge motivator to have a healthy and sexy body.  The diet made her eat feta, spinach and two white egg whites. Veggies, blueberries, hummus, greek yoghurt and slivered almonds as a snack and her main meal included a salad with creamy dressing, chicken breast, and broccoli.

Kim Kardashian Before and After Pregnancy

5. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah is truly an inspiration for me! With her struggles, she has proved that she is a lady with a strong heart and passion.

Oprah Winfrey once revealed to PEOPLE, on how she struggled to lose weight and shed 42 lbs. She was approximately 200lbs when she finally decided to kick out her unwanted weight.

Sources reveal that she starts her day with toast, bread, and egg, sometimes avocado and chai tea. As a snack, she munches three cups of mixed berries, popcorn, and kale chips.

As a freestyle lunch program, she has sautéed shrimp and spaghetti with pecorino cheese. Oprah chooses to eat Cranberries, tomato soup, toasted almonds, salad with clementine and a tiny bit of goat cheese.

I have never seen such a sport who enjoys and struggles with her diet and makes her way to good weight-loss! Long way to go lady!

Oprah Winfrey Weight Loss

6. Demi Lovato

The Sorry Not Sorry hitmaker, Demi Lovato looks fabulous with her recent physique transformation. The actor-singer who was once accused of her weight gain, shocked the world with her transformation, giving hater’s heart a break.

With an hour full of cardio and strength training, Demi manages to take a break on Sundays. There are even times when she opts for cardio and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).

In an interview, Warrior singer revealed that her stamina has gone up that allows her to train herself more. Ju-Jitsu, Japanese Martial Arts training is her favourite workout.

According to sources, Demi believes to workout than being on a diet, which is why she could manage to lose approximately twenty-five pounds. And if you are looking for evidence, then you can check out some of her Instagram posts and stories.

With such training, Demi Lovato looks Confident and gives people Heart Attack with her marvellous looks.

Demi Lovato Weight Loss

7. Adele

Personally, I’m a huge Adele follower, so if I write something more about her, you know why!  Okay, so Adele (I don’t know why she lost her weight) looks absolutely amazing and cheerful while losing roughly or more than 30lbs.

The Hello hit star lost hell-outta weight and turned the tables. According to sources, Adele refused to reveal her weight loss technique and did not reveal the number of pounds she just dropped.

The star followed The Sirtfood Diet that motivated her to eat plant-based foods like turmeric, kale, green tea, and buckwheat. The Diet is said to be rich in Sirtuin protein that can burn down the calories and slow down aging.

After reading various interviews, I feel, The Rolling in the Deep hit-maker does not prefer to work out; rather she is happy and comfortable with her weight.

Indeed, the goddess knows when to and how to take people’s breathe away! Truly a rock star.

Adele Weight Loss Diet

8. Jennifer Lawrence

One of the highest-paid Hollywood actresses, Jennifer Lawrence slays the movie theatre with her physique and acting ability. While saying no to dieting, J-Law shocked the world with her first-ever diet for her movie Red Sparrow.

The actress underwent a strict diet for her character. In an interview, Jennifer opened up revealing that she can’t work on a diet, she needs the energy to stand on her feet and remembers how she used to freak out when she used to eat five banana chips.

The diet plan paid off really well with such an amazing act in Red Sparrow. J-Law pulled off the character like a pro, making the movie huge hit.

Well Jenn, looking at you, I don’t feel that you need any kinda diet or workout because you look simply perfect and attractive. All you need to do is continue what you like the most, like me – eating!

jennifer lawrence weight loss red sparrow

9. Britney Spears

The Toxic singer looks Ooh La La with her recent body transformation and is giving back to back hits. I remember one of her song that famously sings ‘You want a hot body? You better work, bitch’ and I feel it has become her motto.

Rocking since the 90s, Britney is a combination of sexiness and pop, that makes her younger than anyone of her age. The secret is, she does a combination of light weight-lifting and cardio every single day with two ninety-minutes yoga classes a week and stretches, keeping her toned and sexy.

According to a source, Britney was once junk food junkie and now it seems to have broken up with Cheetos, burgers, chips, and Frappuccino.

She even dumped bread altogether and works harder when she eat pizza or a chocolate bar, some days.

According to our sources, The Hit Me Baby One More Time singer is hitting the crunches with or more than 1,000 crunches a day.

Gosh!! It would take my entire life to have such flat stomach. Truly no one can do like Queen of Pop!

Britney Spears Weight Loss

10. Khloe Kardashian

After Kim Kardashian, if someone who is ruling the internet is her sister Khloe Kardashian. A source reveals that the model lost a stunning 40 pounds, maintaining her crown to be fab! With her recent weight-loss, Khloé indeed makes way to be one of the most inspirational people.

Khloé underwent a dairy-free weight loss diet while eating blueberries or strawberries plus omelette or boiled eggs or scrambled eggs with larger oat flakes oatmeal as breakfast.

At lunch, she eats a piece of fish and green leafy veggie salad with sunflower seeds, while her dinner is of sweet potato plus grilled skinless chicken breast with a small portion of rice and vegetables.

For snacks, she opts for low glycemic index fruits. With such a diet, the food items keep this Kardashian sexy as hell.

Woahh!! what a transformation lady! Now that’s what I call, Keeping up with (like) Kardashian.

khloe kardashian weight loss

11. Sam Smith

The Burning Singer, Sam Smith has definitely burned unwanted fat and looks absolute dapper in his all-new avatar.

The singer had to dump refined sugar, gluten, and dairy food items while he was doing weight training. He also took up yoga classes and included herb-infused cubes to snack in his diet.

Sam has lost more than 50 pounds since 2015 with major changes in exercise routine and diet. The recent changes in his physique have given ultimate weight loss goals to millions of people out there.

With such diet plans, it motivates me to get my calories out of my body.

Sam Smith Weight Loss

12. Jessica Simpson

Up in the list, is Jessica Simpson who has dried my mouth and throat with her stunning make-over.  This ravishing singer and actress is a true motivator and inspiration to all the mothers out there.

Post second pregnancy, the actor gained loads of weight but she lost almost 60 pounds! Yes, you heard that right! And losing such amount, Jessica looks as sexy as a 20-year-old girl.

Jessica started her weight loss diet with high protein, low carb diet, and south beach diet. She also went ahead with starting sugar-free beverages, healthy fat, fibre-rich whole foods, healthy nuts, lean protein, low GI carbs, fruits and vegetable smoothies.

Soon after getting a role, post-pregnancy, Simpson went ahead starting her intense dieting and workout that helped her to get back into killer looks. From cardio to strength training, she passed all her difficulties and came back as a winner.

Really a true star, who knows her responsibilities well! Kudos girl!

Jessica Simpson Before and After Weight Loss

13. Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin kicked out as many weight as 30 pounds to gift himself a life without diabetes. It was his intense workout that controlled his sugar level.

With weight loss, the life of Prelude to a Kiss star changed completed, trim body and paunch face said it all. Baldwin got his success by adopting yoga, dieting, and pilates.

In an interview, he revealed that while he was underbody transformation, he stopped eating sugar refined foods such as sweets and desserts. Shockingly, the actor lost thirty pounds in just four months!

I still can’t believe that Alec Baldwin lost such a good amount of weight in just four months!

Alec Baldwin Weight Loss

14. Josh Kelly

When I came to know that Josh actually lost much weight, I was all dumbstruck! After knowing the number, even you will be joining me.

The UnReal star opened up about his weight loss and revealed that he lost seventy pounds. O-M-G! It was his character that asked him to shed heavyweight, giving an extra touch to look real.

The actor is said to have such drastic change for the upcoming season of UnReal to show the problems and struggles of the character.

What makes an actor best is his/her passion and dedication, and Josh Kelly looks exactly the same!

Josh Kelly Weight Loss

15. Raven Symone

That’s So Raven star Raven Symone looks astoundingly beautiful with her looks and style. In an interview, Symone revealed that it was since her childhood she started working as an actor and thus became a victim of stress.

Sources reveal that the actress shed as many as seventy pounds and came out as an absolute inspiration for millions of girls who are struggling with heavyweight and stress simultaneously.

Symone gave up her junks and started weight loss diet plan, taking wholesome foods such as agave syrup, almonds, and baked pears.  She started cardio workouts to enhance her blood circulation and heart rate.

I am sure that after this transformation, Raven has said goodbye to stress and leading her life in a happy and healthy manner.

Raven Symone Weight Loss

16. 50 cent

The rapper, 50 Cent played an American Football character who is diagnosed with Cancer in his movie Things Fall Apart. Apparently, the actor was asked to shed 54 pounds to get into the shoes of the character.

The Actor and Rapper opened up saying that he was inspired by his friend who died of Cancer. He further said that he had loads of muscles in the body which made weight loss difficult. This is why he started suppressing his hunger and brought down the weight that looked similar to his late friend.

Sources reveal that the actor came from 214 pounds to 160 pounds in just nine weeks after running for three hours a day on the treadmill and liquid dieting.

After looking at such dedication, brother, you actually nailed it with your transformation and indeed your friend must have felt so proud looking at you. Keep up the hard work!

50 Cent Weight Loss

17. Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill, who is best known for his box office hits like Knocked Up and 21 Jump Street shocked the audience with his tremendous weight loss.

The actor revealed that the core ingredient to give up for his major weight loss was BEER. Yeah! I wouldn’t have done that, seriously!

The actor was on a Japanese diet that changed his attitude to bring such an amazing body. Though it was a tough decision for Hill to give up beer, I guess it paid off really well.

Jonah Hill is not only an inspiration but the best motivation that gives us all a dream and goal to achieve someday in their lives.

Jonah Hill Weigh Loss

18. Kelly Osbourne

It was 2009 when Kelly Osbourne started her journey to weight loss and ended up losing seventy pounds. The M-Plan or the Mushroom Diet affected well on this girl, inspiring girls to adopt such a diet plan.

Replacing lunch or dinner with a mushroom dish for two weeks was the M-Plan and it had definitely given the star some hard time to live a desirable life.

She revealed in an interview that she took the help of cardio, weights, yoga, and pilates to get into perfect shape.

Sources reveal that the actress eats something before sleeping and then she was made to eat food items that helped her metabolism to burn fat.

The actress is really an amazing inspiration that motivates people who have perfectly amazing health and weight with absolute focus.

Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss

19. Jared Leto

The Suicide Squad actor Jared Leto is next in the list to experiment with his characters and physique. The actor who played a transsexual character with AIDS gave an extra dose to the character.

Reportedly, Leto lost 40 pounds to get into a perfect AIDS victim shape. The actor went from sexy to skinny, pale and absolute withdraw for his character. The actor also believes that when someone goes through a weight change, the person does not only change visually but the thought process does change.

This is not the first time the actor has done something freakiest, Leto also played an obese character, Mark David Chapman in Chapter 27, gaining 210 pounds of weight.

Well, Jared, I feel that you have the weirdest technique to blow people’s mind, after your sheer talent. I seriously feel your weirdness is your USP.

Jared Leto Weight Loss

20. Janet Jackson

Just like many other female artists, Janet also makes her debut in inspiring mom by losing 70 pounds. The famous singer welcomed her first child and set an example for others.

The singer started working out eight weeks after her pregnancy and would get trained with her trainer for 45 minutes to an hour.

Sources reveal that Janet had a hard time with her intense training, but she completed that and made herself proud. The singer initially wanted to lose weight but her trainer insisted to add some more lean muscles.

Truly an inspiration to all the mothers and young girls to have a brilliant physique in a healthy manner, Janet Jackson is indeed a motivation to millions.

Janet Jackson Weight Loss After Pregnancy

These celebs lived all their difficulties and fought back to give themselves a healthy life; and in return, they motivated thousands and millions of their fans. These favorite celebrities not only made a healthy move but also carry baggage full of motivation that is essential for people. Finally, you know your favorite celeb’s secret mantra now it’s up to you how you fight your difficulties and be a winner!

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