6 Tips That Will Help You Have Better Sex

Women can be confusing, and their sexual cues can be even more confusing. So, we’ve compiled a list to the top 6 surefire ways you can use to become a better lover. To get this list of tips, dozens of experts and hundreds of women were surveyed.
They told us secrets that they wish their partners knew when in bed.

Compiling this list, we have the following six better sex tips you need to know:

1. Creative Foreplay Can Lead To Better Sex

40% of women surveyed have said that their last climax was during foreplay, not intercourse. Foreplay can be turned into the main event in your sex sessions. Why? Because it can allow creative and fun ways to explore and discover each other’s sexuality.

Foreplay can be very stimulating for women. It can help men better satisfy their partners. So, it’s not just those men who don’t excel in long penetration sessions.

You should remember that sex is a process and not the final goal. So, relax, and enjoy yourselves so that you both can genuinely benefit and strengthen your relationship.

Creative Foreplay Can Lead To Better Sex

2. Reading And Following Her Cues Can Lead To Better Sex

Ever had a woman tell you to be a bit gentler? Well, what she is saying is that you should follow her cues as to her likes and dislikes.

The clitoris has more nerve endings that the head of your penis. So you should avoid roughhousing unless you have her permission.

Such a sensitive part of her body should be handled with care. This is because clitoral contact without a good warm-up can feel very abrasive and unpleasant.
Follow her reactions to finding out what she likes and what gets her going.

If she yips or sharply inhales, it probably means that you are going too fast. Whereas, if she is purring or moaning, you are on the right track.

Instead of going directly for the clitoris, try giving some attention to the surrounding region. Only circle towards the clitoris at the end. This will give her the combination of indirect contact and anticipation that can get her to the edge. Here, she will be begging you to take action.

And if she is cooing, you have hit her sweet spot which you should take note of for future reference.

3. Giving Her Passionate Orgasms Can Lead To Better Sex

Achieving orgasm can be more difficult for women when compared to men. Only 20% of women said that their last orgasm was from penetration.

Because climaxing can be elusive, many women want their men to use their hands and mouths more.
After all, 90% of women can reach orgasm through oral and manual stimulation.

Passionate Orgasms Can Lead To Better Sex

An important point to remember is that going faster with your tongue won’t necessarily make her climax faster. Instead, slow and gentle stimulation can often be more pleasing and passionate.

You can also use a small vibrator on her clitoris while your lips work everywhere else.

4. Staying In The Moment Leads To Better Sex

42% of women have stated that passion was the key to unlocking her wildest desires in bed.

This basically means that you should be in the moment with her and not somewhere else with your thoughts.

Women are very receptive creatures and can pick up on the slightest signals that come from you. So stay in the moment, focus and communicate with her to tell her how she makes you feel.

This communication can be both verbal and nonverbal.

More the 90% of women are said to be turned on by hearing a man’s primal panting.

Nibbling lips and sufficient eye contact is a huge plus with women and can drive them further into bliss. This shows them that you aren’t imagining something or someone else when you are with her.

5. Doing Chores Can Lead To Better Sex

Women, like men, can be distracted during arousal and sex. This can affect their sexual arousal and drive.
To turn on your woman, try to do some easy household chores like the dishes, laundry, and cooking.

This is because they are very effective at getting her aroused and ready for sex. It’s also helpful when you don’t brag about doing the work.

doing chores can lead to better sex

6. Better Sex Is A Process, Not The Goal

Your goal should not be to make her orgasm but to have a mutually enjoyable sexual experience.
If you keep asking her ‘Are you close?’ or ‘Did you come?’, you are just adding more pressure.

It also sounds desperate which can significantly affect her sexual arousal. You can choose to orgasm before her instead of waiting for her.

After which, you can manually stimulate her to achieve orgasm. All things considered, it’s normal for women to not orgasm every time they have sex, so it isn’t your fault.

Better and more pleasing sex can be enjoyable for both you and your partner. Done right, sex can be a wonderful activity, and not a chore that needs to be done twice a week.

Humans are one of the few known species that enjoy sex. So, relax, talk, and enjoy it with your partner without any of the superficial pressures.

Better Sex is a process not a goal

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