7 Reasons Why Women Should Train Differently Than Men

Female bodybuilding has been gaining a steady growth in popularity over the past few years.

More and more women in fitness are showing off on Instagram the results of their hard work and sweat at the gym.

This has encouraged many women to start considering working out at the gym for achieving their fitness goals as an alternative to Pilates, yoga and running.

Men And Women Should Train Differently For The Best Results

However, while there is a rise in women exercising at the gym, it is still a very male-dominated environment, unlike yoga and Pilates which has more women taking part in the workouts.

The way the male-dominated gym culture often affects women and their training is that women are asked to train in the same manner as men.

When women train in the same exercise routines and workouts as men, it can limit their progress and growth due to their physiques being different. They have different muscle structures and attributes which mean that if women want to get the most out of their workouts, they need to follow an exercise plan that is designed and geared towards women, not men.

We receive a lot of questions about women regarding exercising do’s and don’ts as well as if they can perform the same exercises as their male counterparts and still get fit and trim.

This is why our researchers have compiled a list of 7 reasons for why men and women should train differently for the best results.

1. Women Are Capable Of Working Out More Frequently:

Women can work out at the gym with a higher frequency. Their bodies have been naturally designed through evolution to allow for faster recovery after exercising, improved nutrient delivery to the muscles, improved muscle repair and stronger muscle durability.

2. HIIT Is Not As Effective For Women As Steady State Cardio:

Studies have shown that women who take part in HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) don’t show as much of a response to the training as they do when they perform Steady State Cardio. Improvement in fitness, weight loss and mood is experienced when women perform steady state cardio.

3. Higher Rep Workouts Are Great For Women Working Out:

Not only can women work out more frequently, but they can also perform exercises with higher reps due to their bodies having a higher percentage of Type I fibers (due to more slow-twitch muscles) when compared to men who work out due to having more Type IIa fibers.

Women Can Perform Workouts With Higher Rep Count

4. Women Can Train With Greater Intensity:

Most of the time, people assume that women will not be able to keep up with men when it comes to training volume, but they would be wrong.

According to research, it is found that women can handle more significant muscle stressing workouts due to their tissues having more Type I fibers which are also more abundant than in men.

5. Fat-Centered Diets Are More Effective For Women Than Carb Or Protein-Filled Diets:

Men and women produce energy for their daily lives and workouts differently. While men primarily use the carbohydrates and proteins from their diets to provide energy, women find high-fat foods more effective at losing weight and gaining energy.

This has been seen to be due to women being less reliant on glycogen due to their estrogen levels.

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6. Women Have Greater Fatigue Recovery:

It’s found that women don’t require as much time between sets to rest due to their bodies being capable of having faster recovery compared to men.

This allows them to work out for longer before getting fatigued.

7. Women Have Muscles That Are Not Ideal For Explosive Workouts:

Muscles in women are designed to have higher endurance, stamina, and recovery when compared to men.

However, their explosive strength is not on the same level as for men. They also require more time to recover after performing explosive training routines like powerlifting.

Another reason we see fewer women in such high-intensity explosive exercises is that the results from explosive training are not as substantial for women as they are for men.

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The Final Verdict:

From the list of 7 points mentioned above, it’s clear that there are many reasons why women should train differently to men if they want to get the best results possible with the least amount of time and energy invested.

Tailor Made Workouts Can Help You Get Super Fit

Remember that you can instinctually know if a particular exercise is helpful to you when performing it, so always be in-tune with your body and you should get a better understanding on what works for you and what doesn’t.

It should also be known that not every local male gym trainer will have the understanding of helping maximize a woman’s workout and some can even provide instructions that limit the progress you see.

To understand the different exercises you need to perform to get to your fitness goals, talk to your trainer and find out if he/she is providing you with a workout plan that is tailor-made for you or one that is prescribed to all his/her clients.

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