Andro DNA Testo Boost Review – Male Enhancement Pills That Boost Testosterone

Andro DNA Testo Boost is a dietary pill that boosts testosterone and nitric oxide for improved sex. Not only does this sex pill claim to boost sex drive, but it may also increase penis size.

The manufacturer’s website has declared this pill to contain only natural ingredients. This scientifically formulated supplement promotes fast-acting results with zero side effects.

Andro DNA Testo Boost

I have researched and reviewed many male enhancement pills over the years.

In my opinion, Andro DNA is a great option if you want a potent but safe sex pill.

Read on if you want to know more.

What Is Andro DNA Testo Boost?

Andro DNA Testo Boost uses an all-natural blend to promote sexual health and wellbeing. It causes no side effects thanks to its lack of harmful fillers and binders.

The official site states this pill may even help in increasing penis length and girth over time. Of course, it’s not instantaneous, but any method to increase penis size without surgery is worth thinking about.

This is especially true if you or your partner don’t find your size sufficient enough.

The sex drive and sexual energy boost are more noticeable in just a few days of use by most users.

How Does Andro DNA Work?

There are two ways in which this pill does its job:

Increases Nitric Oxide Production:

Andro DNA is essential for boosting blood flow. And increasing blood flow is essential for improving erection quality.

The natural ingredients in this sexual health supplement boost nitric oxide production in the body. The nitric oxide causes vasodilation causing the blood vessels to dilate and blood flow to increase.

The improved blood flow fills up the corpora cavernosa chambers until the penis is engorged. An engorged penis is longer, harder and will stay hard for longer.

Over a few weeks of use, the penis size can increase due to the repeated engorgement of the member.

Increases Testosterone Production:

The testosterone level is linked to masculine traits in men and women. Insufficient amount of testosterone causes sexual performance, sex drive, sexual confidence and mood to drop.

Andro DNA stimulates the adrenal glands to increase testosterone production. An increase in testosterone helps you regain your lost vigor and virility.

An increase in T-levels also improves muscle gain, hair health, bone density, and mental health.

Andro DNA Testo Boost Results

Who Should Use Andro DNA?

Men are the intended users of this pill as it’s a ‘male enhancement’ supplement. This also means that those who aren’t over 18 shouldn’t buy or use this pill without the doctor’s permission.

This pill is considered most effective by men who are struggling to get hard or have sexual health problems. These include erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and infertility.

Some have also tried this pill for increasing penis size without surgery or pumps.

Comparing Andro DNA To Prescription Pills?

I compared this dietary supplement to male enhancement pills that require a prescription and found the following:

  • Prescription pills don’t always mean they are more effective.
  • For some, natural alternatives work best.
  • Prescription pills are often made from artificially produced chemicals for immediate benefits.
  • Naturally sourced pills are safer to take for long-term use.
  • They both often provide similar results (depending on quality and manufacturer).

Andro DNA Testo Boost Ingredients:

Andro DNA boasts that it contains ingredients that are both natural and proven.

I found that these ingredients have been clinically tested for increasing sexual performance and sex drive.

It should be noted that many of these ingredients are found in many male enhancement pills on the market. However, what matters is the manufacturer and the proprietary formula that utilizes their attributes.

Andro DNA Testo Boost Ingredients

The proven natural ingredients in this Andro DNA Testo Boost include:

  • Tongkat Ali
    Tongkat Ali increases testosterone levels in the body. The ingredient causes the testicles to release testosterone by stimulating the luteinizing hormone.
    It promotes harder and longer lasting erections as well.
  • Maca
    Maca is another natural herb to boost testosterone levels. Sex drive and virility are also enhanced with this ingredient.
    The ingredient boosts energy and stamina during sex, coupled with a stimulating sex drive for intense passion between the sheets.
  • L-Arginine
    L-Arginine is naturally converted into Nitric oxide. This is the ingredient that gives you an engorged member. It allows the penis to get harder and longer while getting more frequent erections.
    This is a common ingredient in sex pills, workout boosters, and energy supplements.
  • Ginseng Blend
    Ginseng blend has ginsenosides which improve sex drive and promote sexual health. It also improves focus and concentration during sex, improving sex duration. It also helps stabilize hormone levels.
    This ingredient also has other health benefits including improved csu_headingover ejaculation mechanism.

Andro DNA Testo Boost Benefits:

The claimed benefits for Andro DNA Testo Boost:

  • Enhanced Erection Quality:
    Improved testosterone and nitric oxide levels boost the blood flow to the penis for enhanced erection quality.
  • Long Lasting Sex:
    Improved sexual energy and stamina allow for long-lasting sex. Improved T-levels also help with this.
  • Stimulated Libido:
    The sex drive is stimulated due to the increase in testosterone.
  • Bigger And Longer Penis:
    Frequent use lets penis increase in length and girth over time.

Andro DNA Testo Boost Benefits

When To Expect Results?

Everyone is different and the results experienced by one may not be the same for someone else.

However, I found that most people using Andro DNA experienced a boost in libido and sexual energy within days.

Improved sexual performance and erection quality may take a little longer. I found men claiming it took 1-2 months to see a sexual performance boost.

A few people have also claimed an increase in penis size. But I wasn’t able to confirm the legitimacy of this claim online.

Andro DNA Testo Boost Side Effects:

It claims to cause zero side effects.

My research into the ingredients found that they may cause minor discomfort for some. However, this is when you take much higher amounts of the ingredients than in this supplement.

The online reviews and testimonials also stated no noticeable side effects across the board for this pill.

Who Should Take Precautions Before Using This Supplement?

For men with medical issues that affect the heart, it’s important to talk to your doctor before using this supplement. This is because this pill increases blood flow which may put a stain on weaker hearts.

Those on medications that include blood thinners and heart medication should also talk to the doctor.

But even if you are healthy, it is always best to get the opinion of your doctor first.

Andro DNA Testo Boost Reviews And Testimonials:

I found several Andro DNA reviews online that describe the user experiences of real users of this supplement.

These are some of the most helpful testimonials I found (names are changed for privacy):

Richard from Wales:

“I found Andro DNA through a late night ad on the telly. I wasn’t sure if this pill even worked but decided to give it a try. So, I went online, ordered a single bottle and had it delivered to my flat.

It arrived in 3 days wrapped in brown paper and was very nondescript. After using the pills for a month, I have experienced better sex than ever before. I have already ordered a new three-month kit.”

George from Dublin:

“Crossing past my 50th birthday was hard as it was getting more and more difficult to get ‘hard.’

I talked to my doctor, and he said I should consider sexual health pills before resorting to surgery. I ordered this pill online and started using it as soon as I got it delivered.

Over the next three months, I noticed my mild ED becoming less of a problem. It’s also gotten easier to get erections quickly after arousal.”

How To Buy Andro DNA Testo Boost Online Deals?

One thing to note is Andro DNA Testo Boost is only available on its manufacturer’s website.

The manufacturer’s website for Andro DNA Testo Boost provides these deals:

  • 3 Bottles + 3 FREE for £19.95 per bottle
  • 2 Bottles + 1 FREE for £29.95 per bottle
  • 1 Bottle for £39.95

A 90-day money-back guarantee is also provided when buying from the official website.

Buy Andro DNA Testo Boost

Andro DNA Testo Boost Review In-Brief:

Simply put, I found Andro DNA to be a worthwhile purchase for anyone wanting to improve his performance in bed.

The clinically proven ingredients, lack of side effects, no reoccurring charges, and well-reputed manufacturers aided me in this recommendation.

Get this pill if you want a sexual performance boost from a product that comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

If you want to know more about this male enhancement pill, visit the official site for Andro DNA Testo Boost.

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