General Health

Debunking Myths About Fever In Children

People tend to panic when they or their loved ones get a fever. Especially parents, when their child suffers from fever or illness. Fever can affect us due to the unhealthy behavior of environment and due to infections. While we end up getting ill, people […]

General Health

What Your Period Blood Says About Your Health

It is usually very simply said that my girlfriend or wife or my sister is having her periods. But, only a woman can understand the pain and feel that they have to deal with. During this menstrual cycle, women shed the thick uterine lining and […]

General Health

18 Benefits Of Drinking Tea Everyday

If you go to any part of the world, you are sure to find tea drinkers. Of course, different cultures have their own way of drinking tea, and the tea itself is different in some places. However, what has stayed the same throughout the centuries […]

General Health

20 Popular Essential Oils And Their Benefits

Essential oils are a new trend in the pursuit of improving our health and wellbeing as studies have shown that aromatherapy can provide many benefits to the human body and mind. Many of these essential oils can be mixed to help target and alleviate different […]

General Health

22 Vicks VapoRub Uses That Will Make Your Life Easier

One ointment we all have had in our medicine cabinets ever since we were children is Vicks VapoRub.  This trusty topical ointment has been used worldwide for decades and can be found in almost all homes. This mentholated ointment is designed to combat common coughs, […]

General Health

18 Health Benefits of Meditation

The rise in the Zen teachings of Buddhism in the United States has allowed the practice of meditation to become very popular and well-received by many. However, there are some misunderstandings regarding this ancient method of self-realization that many of us have been told which […]

Skin Care

Ways To Remove Skin Tags, Moles And Warts At Home

Our skin is what separates our delicate organs from the environment, making it very important to our survival and healthy life. Unfortunately, the skin is susceptible to damage and infections which can cause warts to appear. These warts can be ugly and embarrassing to be […]