Battle Ready Fuel Liquid Collagen – BRF Collagen Drink For Overall Health

Battle Ready Fuel Liquid Collagen is one of the health and fitness supplements recently launched by Ollie Ollerton.

The BRF brand has already released 13 supplements and 7 stacks with more coming soon.

Battle Ready Fuel

I have been a fan of Ollie Ollerton after watching him on TV show, SAS: Who Dares Wins.

I also got some inside information that states Ollerton is about to film the show’s Season 4 and 5. This series is said to air Jan 2019, so can’t wait to see it.

My experience with reviewing liquid collagen and collagen drinks has been a positive one.

I know that they work if made from the right stuff. And while some are more expensive than others, they are also more effective.

In case of this liquid collagen drink, I found that the Battle Ready Fuel Website sells it for USD49.99 (£34.99).

And while part of the high price may be due to Ollerton’s name, the quality you get is more important.

That being said, you are here to read about a review on BRF Liquid Collagen.

So, take a look at this review and decide for yourself if this collagen drink is what you want.

What Is Battle Ready Fuel Liquid Collagen?

Battle Ready Fuel Liquid Collagen is a collagen drink that helps protect and improve your joints and connective tissue.

This is important because it will improve your bodybuilding performance, fatigue recovery, and reduce the chance of injury.

It will also help you train harder because your joints and muscles won’t feel sore as quickly.

The improvement in recovery will help boost workout performance as well.

I’ve found this liquid collagen drink to contain collagen proteins along with branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). The drink is also mango and passionfruit flavored.

Whether you get sore knees after jogging, back pain after doing deadlifts, and so on, this drink will help.

Just know that your body’s declined collagen levels will be replenished with this drink, improving workout performance and reducing fatigue.

How Does It Work?

As the name suggests, this supplement comes in liquid form that is meant to be taken orally.

Just a few spoons of the liquid will have your collagen levels replenished.

If I compare it to other collagen boosters, this one works faster due to its liquid base. The liquid collagen is quickly absorbed and circulated throughout the body sooner.

The hydrolyzed collagen protein used increases our natural collagen production by activating the fibroblasts for enhanced collagen synthesis.

In the end, I found this collagen drink to work like expected while providing reasonable results.

If you use this product, expect improved recovery, noticeable reduction in muscle and joint soreness, and enhanced performance.

How To Take It?

This joint support drink comes with a 270 ml bottle which provides 9 servings.

Here, I found each serving to be 30 ml (approx. two tablespoons).

To take Battle Ready Fuel Liquid Collagen:

  1. Shake the bottle
  2. Take two tablespoons (30 ml) of the liquid 30 minutes before bed.

BRF Liquid Collagen - Joint SupportNote that this is the standard procedure with most collagen drinks currently available.

Also, don’t forget to refrigerate the bottle after opening and use within 45 days.

I noticed that with nine servings, we would have to take each serving every three days.

But I believe that this is more than sufficient due to the concentrated collagen levels.

Each serving comes with 30 ml of liquid that provides us with 10 grams of Protein Collagen.

What Are The Collagen Drink Ingredients?

I noticed the bottle label of this drink to only contain Protein Collagen as an active ingredient. Further research led me to find that this Protein Collagen also includes amino acids like BCAAs.

Descriptions of the ingredients in Battle Ready Fuel Liquid Collagen:

  • Protein Collagen:
    The protein collagen concentrate is claimed to be Tri-Optimized™ to contain 10g of protein per 30 ml serving.
    It’s formulated using natural ingredients while minimizing the amount of gluten, lactose, fats, and sugars used.
    I found the hydrolyzed collagen to be of superior quality compared to most products online.
  • BCAAs:
    The BCAAs used in this product include L-leucine, L-valine, and L-isoleucine.
    These are popular amino acids that have been proven to protect and repair muscle tissue.
    I found this blend of ingredients to be the reason for users experiencing quick recovery and improved performance.

BRF Liquid Collagen Ingredients

What Are The Expected Benefits?

Checking the official website, I noted the manufacturers are making a few claims about the benefits of this product.

Benefits of taking Battle Ready Fuel Liquid Collagen:

  • Improved Workout Performance
    The collagen liquid helps improve joint and connective tissue health. This allows you to work out with fewer injuries and fatigue.
    These benefits eventually translate into an overall improvement in workout performance.
  • Reduced Training-Induced Cortisol Levels
    The collagen boost results in a reduced level of cortisol produced. This is significant for your training because working out and training naturally causes a buildup of cortisol.
    You can expect a reduction in post-workout soreness and muscle fatigue with lower stress hormone levels.
  • Improved Health Of Connective Tissue
    Collagen is a building block protein for the body.
    Unfortunately, levels of collagen decline with age, resulting in wear and tear of the connective tissue.
    This collagen drink protects and repairs the connective tissue.
  • Enhanced Joint Health
    We know that collagen is a building block for muscle tissue. However, it’s also required for joint health. Joints of bones have a soft cushion between them made up of collagen proteins. Over time, this cushion deteriorates due to low collagen production.
    The product solves this, enhancing the joints’ mobility and improving the collagen cushion between the joints.
  • Increased HGH Levels
    The hydrolyzed collagen used in this liquid can increase HGH levels. But the liquid itself doesn’t contain any HGH like some performance-enhancing drugs.
    Instead, it helps stimulate the natural production of the Human Growth Hormone for improved training and performance.
If these benefits are what you are looking for, you should visit Battle Ready Fuel’s official website for this drink.

I have also written a review on the full range of BRF products on if you are interested.

Any Known Side Effects?

After reviewing this product as well as the others that Ollie Ollerton promotes, I found no known side effects.

These supplements are not suitable for children. Only for adults.

Also, if you have any health issue or significant illnesses, you should consult your doctor before trying this collagen liquid.

It’s not that I think you will be in any danger. It’s just that you should always take precautions when trying new supplements.

You should also remember to read up on any supplement you are already taking to avoid harmful interactions.

I haven’t heard of anyone experiencing side effects or drug interactions from collagen drinks like this one.

How Long Does It Take To Show Results?

Now, this is a question that doesn’t have a single answer.

This is because it depends on your situation. If you have a depleted collagen level, it can take a little longer.

However, from the reviews I read and the information available online, you should see results within a few weeks.

Who Will Get The Most Benefit From This Collagen Drink?

You won’t need this product if you are perfectly healthy with sufficient amount of collagen in your body.

However, it’s usually only children that have such high levels of collagen.

I found out that most people experience a long-term decline in collagen after crossing 21.

So, if you are over the age of 21, your collagen is probably no longer at peak levels.

How Much Does BRF Liquid Collagen Cost?

Just know that you can only buy this from the official BRF website.

Ollie Ollerton and Battle Ready Fuel sell BRF Liquid Collagen directly from their site for USD 49.99 (£34.99).

This price is for one bottle and comes with FREE shipping with every order.

There is also no worry about reoccurring charges or free trial scams with this highly reputed manufacturer.

And while the price in not cheap, I believe the product is well worth its price.

Buy Battle Ready Fuel Liquid Collagen

BRF Liquid Collagen Review Summary: Worth Buying This Collagen Drink?

After doing my research into the manufacturers and reviewing this collagen drink, I found no major problems.

I will admit that the volume of collagen drink you get (270 ml) is lower than other brands.

However, the collagen concentration and quality more than makeup for this negative.

So, do you want to avoid joint pain, improve your recovery, and boost workout performance?

If so, my recommendation is to go with BRF Liquid Collagen.

You can buy this product from the Battle Ready Fuel site for USD 49.99.



BRF Liquid Collagen

USD 49.99







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  • Provides Visible Results
  • Absorbed Quickly
  • Free Worldwide Delivery
  • Endorsed And Recommended By Ex-SAS operative
  • No Recurring Charges


  • Only Available From The Manufacturer's Website
  • Not The Cheapest Collagen Drink Available
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