Better Strength Extend: Male Enhancement Supplement With FlowViv MAX-TEST Blend

Better Strength Extend is a prescription-free male enhancement supplement that claims to supercharge your sexual performance.

We’ve been getting a few inquiries about writing a review on ‘Better Strength’ male enhancement pill by a few readers.

People are wondering if it’s safe to buy and use this product without being conned into buying a lemon.

Better Strength Extend

Just to give you a heads up but I hadn’t even heard of this product before receiving the email.

Even searching online provided little additional information on the product. So, bear that in mind while you read this product review.

If you’re unsure about what to make of this product, this in-depth review is for you.

The review will include information on the ingredients used, benefits claimed, online deals, and a final recommendation as well.

Men associate their masculinity and manliness with their sexual performance.

But what happens when their sexual performance starts to decline? What happens when men find it more difficult to get hard or stay hard for longer?

Well, most men first go into a phase of denial of the problem, followed by embarrassment and frustration. But many choose to do nothing after this.

to find out the problem that’s causing sexual dysfunction.

It is this reason that non-prescription sexual health boosters like Better Strength Extend are so popular.

However, many such products also take advantage of users not speaking out by scaming thousands of men with subpar products that charge exorbant fees for products that don’t even work.

And to find out if this male enhancement supplement is one of these scams, I suggest you read through this review.

Better Strength Extend:

Better Strength Extend is a sexual enhancer. It claims to ‘extend’ your lovemaking capabilities by boosting testosterone and nitric oxide levels.

The boost in these two facts is stated to be possible because of the all-natural ingredients that this product uses. The maker claims this improves sex drive, erection quality, sexual stamina, and penis size.

However, I have to admit that very few pills out there are capable of increasing penis size in weeks, as these guys have claimed. 

One more advantage of this product is that the online ordering and shipping comes with discreet delivery. The risk-free trial also claims to reduce the overall cost for the user.

However, there are some hidden costs that we’ll discuss later that you should read before buying Better Strength Extend.

Better Strength Extend: The Repackaged Vigorous Extended?

I checked on Google for Better Strength Extend. I found a product called Vigorous Extended instead.

However, the bottles were practically the same for Better Strength Extend and Vigorous Extended.

The only difference is in the product name. And even that seems dodgy. After all, if you search for similar terms for ‘Vigorous,’ you get ‘Better Strength,’ right?

Anyway, I think that this Better Strenth Extend product was initially called Vigorous Extended.

This removes the damage to the reputation of the product. Which allows new users to try the same product, but with a different name.

These scams use fly-by-night products which may not even be around the next day.

Now, you can compare for yourselves on the difference between the bottles of Better Strenth Extend and Vigorous Extended:

Better Strength Extend And Vigorous Extended

How Does Better Strength Extend Claim To Work?

  • It Increases Testosterone Production:
    This supplement claims to contain several all-natural ingredients that boost the body’s natural testosterone production. We are aware that higher T-levels can help combat low testosterone signs like weak libido, poor erections, and subpar orgasms. Along with these, testosterone may also improve sexual performance attributes like stamina and sexual energy.
  • It Increases Nitric Oxide Production:
    This supplement contains ingredients that are effective at boosting the body’s natural nitric oxide production. I’ve read studies that indicate higher nitric oxide levels leading to vasodilation, the dilation of blood vessels and improvement in blood flow. The increased blood flow to the penis causes harder and longer-lasting erections.

The List Of Claimed Benefits Of Better Strength Extend:

  • Increased sex drive
  • Improves passion and pleasure during sex
  • Improves sexual energy and recovery
  • Promotes better-staying power
  • Combats erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation
  • Provides rock-hard erections
  • Provides bigger and harder erections
  • Promotes sexual confidence and satisfaction
  • Improves mood
  • Increases penis size

Many of these claims are common for most male enhancement supplements out there. However, some products like Better Strength Extend try to pass off the potential benefits as something more than they really are.

What I’m saying is that I don’t believe that this particular supplement is capable of providing all these benefits. And this is especially true for the benefit of getting a bigger penis.

What Are The Listed Ingredients In Better Strength Extend?

  1. Horny Goat Weed: This ingredient is proven to boost nitric oxide levels while being a potent aphrodisiac.
  2. Wild Yam Extract: This ingredient boosts testosterone production along with sexual energy levels.
  3. Boron: This ingredient is proven to improve serum testosterone results.
  4. Nettle Extract: This ingredient promotes sexual performance and acts as a diuretic.
  5. Orchic Substance: This ingredient boosts the body’s natural testosterone production.
  6. Saw Palmetto Extract: This ingredient is proven to combat sexual dysfunction problems while supporting prostate health in men.
  7. Tongkat Ali: This ingredient is proven to boost testosterone and sexual performance.
  8. Sarsaparilla: This ingredient promotes testosterone production.

Better Strength Extend Ingredients

The proprietary FlowViv MAX-TEST Blend contains these eight active ingredients with 1484 mg per serving.

Note that there is no mention of the exact amount of each ingredient. You don’t know how much horny goat weed extract is in the 1.4-gram serving.

But you need a sufficient concentration of the ingredients to get the claimed benefits. And with Better Strenth Extend, there’s no way to know if the critical concentrations are achieved.

Where To Buy Better Strength Extend?

You can only buy Better Strength Extend from its manufacturer’s website. Further, you can only get the risk-free trial offer as there are no direct-purchase deals available.

And this is where the product looses even more creditibility.

After all, we know that many of these trial offers are well-disguised scams lurking for their prey. While I cannot say that this product is a scam, I have seen similar products labeled as scams by users and reviewers. 

On the main page of the official site, it’s mentioned that you only have to pay a nominal shipping charge to get the 30-day trial package. But in fact, there are a few points that are important, but only mentioned in the fine print.

The Fine (But Essential) Details Include:

  • The trial period is only for 14 days from the order date.
  • You’re automatically enrolled in their auto-shipment program when you sign up.
  • If you don’t cancel the trial and return the bottle within 14 days, you are charged the full bottle price.
  • A full bottle (30-day supply) of Better Strength Extend costs $89.90.
  • Ever month after the last charge, you are charged $89.90 per 30 days for the auto-shipment program.
  • This recurring charge will continue until the user calls and cancels the auto-shipment program.

If you read this for the first time, it seems straightforward and easy to cancel for some. However, due to poor customer service, many users have failed to get the RMA number required to cancel their trial/subscription. This has led many users to be forced to cancel their credit cards to stop these charges.

I also give the customer service center a call to see if the claims made were true. In the end, I was put on hold for over 40 minutes, after which, my call was abruptly disconnected.

The second time I called, I was again put on hold, at which point, I gave up on actually talking to someone. 

What’s The Final Recommendation For Better Strength Extend?

The unclear information on the benefits and ingredients prompt more questions than answers. Additionally, the unethical charges levied on the customer are unacceptable. They break the trust of the user and cannot, in good conscience, be recommended.

Not Approved
So, if you are thinking about buying Better Strength Extend, don’t.

But if you still need a male enhancement supplement to improve your sexual performance, I would instead recommend the direct-purchase option of Male Extra.

Male Extra:

Male Extra is a quality sexual health booster that uses a set of potent ingredients to provide a boost to sexual performance with zero side effects.

Male Extra

It’s also the top-rated male enhancement supplement on since it was released.

This supplement is made by Wolfson Berg Ltd., a well-reputed supplement maker. Further, it also comes with a ton of user reviews and testimonials that describe the effects and benefits of this sex pill.

And the best part is that you can directly buy Male Extra from the official site for:

  • $64.95 for a single bottle
  • $197.95 for a four-bottles set plus 1 Pro Erection Gel Free
  • $249.90 for a six-bottle set plus 2 Pro Erection Gel Free
Therefore, if you want the top rated male enhancement supplement, pick Male Extra.

Read The Male Extra Review

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