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Testosterone is a crucial hormone that is used by the body to regulate many masculine traits like facial hair growth, muscle gain and strength, depth of voice, assertiveness and aggressiveness, libido and mental drive for growth.

Unfortunately, men can experience a natural decline of testosterone from their 30s by 2-4% every year. This reduction in testosterone translates into a loss of muscle mass, drop in sexual performance, the decline in sex drive and a general loss of masculinity.

To remedy this, some people resort to anabolic steroids which contain artificially produced testosterone hormone but can result in drug dependency and other severe side effects.

Instead, the popularity of testosterone enhancing supplements has been growing steadily with Edge Nutrition being one of the newest dietary supplements to hit the market.

Edge Nutrition

What Is Edge Nutrition?

Edge Nutrition contains natural ingredients that have been clinically tested to help muscle gain and testosterone levels.

This dietary supplement is geared to help you increase your body’s natural production of testosterone while ensuring that you don’t experience any negative reactions and don’t have to deal with any drug dependency like with anabolic steroids.

Who Is This Supplement Designed For?

While testosterone is a hormone that can be found in men and women, it’s found in high quantity in males and low quantity in females. This is why Edge Nutrition is more effective in stabilizing testosterone levels in men.

The increase in testosterone is also not ideal for children under 18 who are still in their growth periods where this hormone imbalance can cause severe problems.

This supplement was designed with men who want to gain muscle and sexual performance in mind. Men with medicinal problems like heart problems or diabetes should consult their doctors before starting this supplement.

The same goes for those who are on powerful prescription medication like blood thinners and hormone therapy injections.

Edge Nutrition Results

What’s The Active Ingredient In This Testo Booster?

The active ingredient that helps give you the benefits that you want from Edge Nutrition is Tongkat Ali. This plant found in Southeast Asian countries and has been used as a sexual performance booster and testosterone enhancer for centuries by locals.

In Edge Nutra Test Booster, its extract is used to help increase your testosterone levels while improving energy levels, sex drive, bone density, fat burn, and mood.

What Are The Pros?

  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Causes zero side effects
  • Increases muscle mass and muscle growth
  • Natural boost in sexual performance and sex drive
  • Promotes fat loss and muscle vascularity
  • Nonaddictive formula
  • No need for cycling or stacking

What Are The Cons?

  • Can’t be purchased from offline store
  • Doesn’t provide instant results like anabolic steroids
  • Not ideal for women who want to gain muscle mass
  • Recommended against being used by under 18s
  • Won’t show maximum results without proper diet and exercise.

Are There Any Side Effects That Should Be Noted?

Thousands of men from around the world have tried this supplement with no known reported cases of side effects. According to our in-house experts, this should be due to the pill being made from natural ingredients by using a clinically engineered formula.

However, if you do experience any side effects with Edge Nutrition, stop using the supplement and let your doctor know.

Where Can You Get This Dietary Supplement?

If you want to get Edge Nutrition, it’s advised to visit the official website for the product as this is where you are assured to get the genuine product at the best price.

The official website states that you should avoid purchasing Edge Nutrition from other e-commerce websites like Amazon and eBay because of the lack of assurance of product quality.

Are There Any Online Offers For This Pill?

On the official website, you can opt for the risk-free trial offer which allows you to enjoy the testosterone boosting benefits of Edge Nutra by only paying for shipping and handling.

This risk-free offer gives you the opportunity to try the product out before paying the cost of the bottle. According to some users, this risk-free trial is the best way to get Edge Nutrition from the official website.

Edge Nutrition Risk Free Trial

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Edge Nutrition Alternative: Testogen

Testogen is a natural testosterone booster that is my recommended Edge Nutrition alternative.


Unlike Edge Nutrition, Testogen provides a detailed list of ingredients (with individual amounts).

The risk-free trial for Edge Nutrition is also reported as a scam by several users.

Its lack of clear information on the manufacturers and quality of product also raises concerns.

Testogen Benefits:

  • Improves natural testosterone production
  • Activates muscle growth
  • Boosts fat loss while preventing muscle loss
  • Elevates focus, concentration, and mood
  • Supports sexual health
  • Improves athletic performance

Considering all the factors, Testogen is a far better bodybuilding supplement than Edge Nutrition.

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