What Does Your Finger Shape Say About Your Personality?

We humans are very complex and surprising creatures aren’t we? Well, if you don’t think so, you will definitely be surprised to find out that experts have now found a way to connect your finger shape to your personality.

Of course, you may think that all this is just garbage some people have spewed out and everyone else is just riding the bandwagon. But, I would like to say that I have tried this simple trick and I was convinced because the description of the personality that is linked to my finger type was very accurate.

Choose Your Finger Type

This technique is not the first of its kind to link the shape of your hand to your personality. Palmistry, better known as palm reading is when a palm reader claims to foretell your future, habits, personality, and destiny by looking at your palm lines. According to the experts, our hands contain a lot of information about our lives and our mind as well.

The most recent trend is to analyze the shape of your own little finger and see which of the illustrated images it closely resembles. As I mentioned before, I have tried this method and have found many of my personality traits listed.

Now that I have tried it, you should give it a try as well. Take a look at the illustration below and examine your little finger to find the image with the greatest similarities. Now read the section on the particular finger shape and find out if this method guessed your personality accurately.

What Is Your Personality If You Have A Straight Finger?


  • You take time to get to know someone before you show your nicer side.
  • You can be a very emotional person, even if you don’t always show it to everyone.
  • Your facial expressions can indicate your thoughts.
  • You enjoy often laughing, even at bad jokes.
  • You are someone who is fair.
  • You don’t like people who lie, are deceptive or hypocrites.
  • You like helping people and are big-hearted.
  • You are dedicated to completing your assigned tasks, even if you don’t feel like doing them.
  • You can hide your feelings by looking stronger and more independent than in reality.
  • You can be overly emotional with people you care about while being cold towards those you don’t like.
  • You can at times, be seen as eccentric or arrogant by others.

What Is Your Personality If You Have A Pointed Finger?


  • Your loyalty knows no bounds for those you love.
  • You are very caring for those you love and think of them very often.
  • You can stay calm and control yourself intense and uncomfortable situations.
  • You show yourself to be strong and somewhat harsh while being someone who can easily be hurt in your soft heart.
  • You are afraid of being hurt, which is why you don’t like to stay alone.
  • You sometimes think that you know all the problems and the solutions that are required.
  • You are someone who is extremely sensitive, even when you don’t show yourself to be as such.
  • You are a very persistent person once you decide on your goal.
  • You are usually not the first person to approach others.

What Is Your Personality If You Have A Big Knuckled Finger?


  • You can have a very high ego when you are fighting with someone, but are also the first person to apologize after.
  • You can at times be overbearing.
  • You don’t like dealing with challenges and change, especially with unfamiliar people or things.
  • You stay reserved with your feelings and problems without sharing them with anyone else.
  • You quickly let go of your grudges, allowing you to even forget about the reason for getting angry in the first place.
  • You are quickly forgiving towards others and don’t like fighting with someone for an extended period.
  • You find that others provide valuable opinions that you find helpful and respectful.
  • You don’t like pretending to be indecisive as you already know what you want.
  • You like it when you become someone that is depended upon by others.
  • You are someone who is easily touched by a kind and selfless gesture by someone else.

Try Observing Other People's Finger Shapes

Now that you have found out which type of personality you have, it’s time to find out the true personalities of the people around you. However, be warned that we didn’t find any studies and research into this method and don’t recommend you analyze your boss with this, in case you make a wrong decision and end up regretting it.

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