10 Effective Tips To Lose Face Fat Naturally

In this article, we will discuss 10 tips and tricks that you can use to lose face fat quickly and naturally.

Excess of fat around face typically occurs from weight gain resulting from an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, aging, or genetic conditions.

By making certain changes in your lifestyle, you can get a much leaner appearance and achieve a slimmer face without any adverse effect on your body.

how to lose face fat

Here are some important tips that can help you lse face fat.

1. Do Facial Exercise To Lose Face Fat:

By performing the below facial exercise, you can slim down your double chin problem, reduce the chubbiness of your cheeks.

  • Mouthwash method

Mouthwash Technique Face Fat


  1. Fill-up your mouth with air.
  2. Now pass the air from one side of your mouth to the other, just like you clean your mouth using a mouthwash or water.
  3. Continue this for some time, relax, and repeat.
  • Fish face technique

how to lose face fat fish face

  1. Suck in your cheeks and lips.
  2. Smile and hold the pose for around 5 seconds.
  3. You will feel the burn in your jaws and cheeks.
  4. For best results, repeat it fifteen to twenty times at a stretch.
  • Lips pull


  1. Sit in a comfortable position.
  2. Keep your lower jaw out till you feel the jaw and chin muscles are stretch.
  3. Hold this position for about 5 to 10 seconds before repeating.
  4. Do ten repetitions for the best results.
  • Chin lifts


  1. Start by looking up at the ceiling and hold the position of your eyes upwards.
  2. Now pout as if to kiss towards the ceiling, shrinking your lips until you feel your jaw and facial muscles stretched.
  3. Keep this position for around 10 seconds, and perform at least ten reps per session.
  • Jaw Release


  1. Move your jaw to imitate a chewing motion, but with your lips closed.
  2. Breathe in and out deeply and hum simultaneously.
  3. Next, open and stretch your mouth wide open by holding your tongue attached to the floor of your mouth.
  4. Hold this position for 5 seconds.
  5. End the set by inhaling in and out again.

This whole process is one set. For the best results, you must do at least 10 repetitions.

2. Drink Plenty Of Water:


Increasing your water consumption can have various benefits. Not only does it boost metabolism and acts as an appetite suppressant, but it can also help your body flush out toxins.

You need to consume at least 1-2 liters of water to improve sagging facial skin and maintain muscle tone. Additionally, water also keeps your skin healthy and youthful(1).

3. Get Enough Sleep:


Getting a sufficient amount of sleep has a range of health benefits. On the other hand, not getting enough sleep may lead to weight gain.

According to one report, lack of sleep affects the levels of some hormones that encourage feelings of hunger and fullness(2).

Improper sleep seems to increase levels of the hormone ghrelin. It stimulates appetite, and lower the levels of the hormone leptin, which conveys the body that it is full.

Consequently, a person who has sleep loss may eat more, and they end up having foods higher in calories.

The NSF also indicates that people who do not get sufficient sleep also tend to have a slower metabolic rate.

Getting ample sleep can help in preventing weight gain. This, in turn, may help reduce the amount of fat stored in the face.

 4. Analyze Your Overall Diet:


Diets high in refined carbohydrates and processed foods can increase the risk of gaining excess fat.

Processed foods contain more calories, salt, and sugar than whole foods. Refined carbohydrates are a group of very highly processed, grain-based foods.

During processing, these foods tend to lose their essential nutrients and fibers. As a result, they are high in empty calories.

Refined carbohydrates cause a rapid rise in blood sugar, which may encourage a person to overeat.

A few examples of refined carbohydrate foods are pasta, white rice, white bread, and sucrose.

In most cases, people can find sensible replacements for processed foods and refined carbohydrates. A person can reduce their caloric intake and increase the number of nutrients they ingest by eating fresh whole foods.

When combined with exercise, a healthy diet may help people lose surplus fat in the face and body.

5. Reduce The Consumption Of Alcohol:


Excess of alcohol intake can cause dehydration, which can prompt the body to retain water. In some cases, this may result in water retention on the face, which can make a face look bloated and puffy.

Alcohol may also lead to weight gain. It contains empty calories, which provide no nutritional benefit. Consuming empty calories surge a person’s total daily calorie intake, and this promotes weight gain.

Some research shows that alcohol can suppress the hormones that assist people to feel full. This can stimulate an individual to take in more calories from their diet.

Study shows that there is a link between weight gain and excessive intake of alcohol (3).

Heavy drinking and binge drinking appears to be the highest risks for weight gain.

Some people get the same effects in response to reasonable alcohol intake. However, for most people, moderate alcohol consumption doesn’t encourage weight gain.

People who are struggling to lose facial fat or weight may wish to ponder, reducing their alcohol consumption.

6. Opt For A Flattering Haircut:


Depending on your face structure, a hairstyle can make your face look slimmer or rounder.

If you have long hair, don’t let it grow past your chest. Take the help of a hairstylist and create some soft layers to shape your face.

You can make some curves in the hair around the face by the cheekbones and eyes, avoiding straight lines in the hair. Bangs will perhaps make your face look fuller if they are cut straight across.

You should also avoid blunt cut bobs. Instead, go for a more extended shaggier look with layers.

Pulling the hair straight back will shape your face look rounder.

A high vertical roll gives the impression of a slimmer and longer face.

7. Play Around With The Makeup:


Makeup can be an excellent tool for creating a dream of a thinner face.

For the best results, understand how to outline and highlight your face to take the attention away from roundness.

Mark your nose, chin, and the highest point of your cheeks. Try a gloomier shade of powder to frame your face and make it appear slimmer.

8. Go For A Facial Massage:

With facial massage, you can lose a significant amount of fat from your face. It improves oxygen and blood circulation, which, in turn, helps to tighten your skin.

Facial massage can be done at home using healthy oil. The oil that you use is warmed in your hands as you apply certain moves of massaging to your face.

Oils to use for a slimming DIY face massage include:

  • Argan oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Argan
  • Castor oil
  • Extra-virgin olive oil
  • Rosehip oil

All of these essential oils have an anti-inflammatory element that helps shrink swollen, inflamed cells. The unsaturated acids, antioxidants, proteins, vitamin E, and minerals in these oils help keep your skin blemish-free and smooth, so you automatically get a toned face.

9. Don’t Switch To Cosmetic Surgeries:


Fat suctioning techniques or facelifts can eliminate excess fat or skin. Some people go for cheek implants to get the face a unique appearance. These may go wrong, and look unnatural.

You better think long and hard before going for this option. Always prefer natural skincare techniques to comfort your skin.

There are many stories of people who undertake cosmetic surgeries and failed to expected results. Moreover, cosmetic surgeries can be dangerous and expensive.

10. Avoid Taking Unverified Medications Or Supplements:


Don’t try any unapproved supplements, medications, or any potentially unsafe methods for reducing facial fat.

Although these may give you the preferred effects, in the beginning, but may have undesirable or even hazardous side effects.

The Bottom Line About Tips To Lose Face Fat Naturally:

The best way to reduce facial fat is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can achieve this by changing your diet, exercising daily, and getting a sufficient amount of sleep.

Cardio workouts are beneficial for burning excess body fat. In general, weight loss should make your face appear leaner.

Sugar-free chewing gum is also an effective method for reducing facial fat. It not only keeps your facial muscles active and toned but also cuts down the calories from your cheeks.

If you’re still struggling to lose weight, you may consult a doctor, a dietitian, or a personal trainer. They’ll help you to determine the best course of action.

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