Jes Extender Review – Does This Penis Extender Work?

This Jes Extender Review is about one of the unique methods of increasing penis size.

Some users claim that penis extenders like Jes Extender are one of the best methods to increase penis size.

Jes Extender Review

These traction devices are designed with medical-grade materials and are doctor-certified. They also claim to have helped thousands of men with a longer and thicker penis.

Jes Extender is not the only traction device in the market. But I did find the combination of quality, benefits, price and guarantee for this penis extender to be very competitive. This is also why I have decided to write this Jes Extender review.

Why Do Experts Recommend Penis Extenders?

Penis extenders have been around for a while but have only recently become a popular method to increase penis size. Traditional methods of extending the penis were to hang weights on the member, slowly extending the length with time.

The same principle is used in traction devices. But instead of a weighted end, the shaft is gently stretched using extending rods and a spring-loaded extending mechanism.

This doesn’t require any additional weights and provides a more comfortable and safe experience.

In case of male enhancement pills, while there is no inconvenience of attaching a device on your penis, it can be a real hassle to remember the schedule of the dosage without fail when using the pills.

And it’s been found that these pills need to be consistently taken to show long-term gains. This can result in one person requiring several bottles of the product to get a penis size he wants.

If compared to penis enlargement surgery, penis extenders are cheaper and safer while providing the same long-term benefits. Surgery is also an invasive procedure, which can lead to complications. These complications include infections, reduced sensations, never damage, uneven penis, and difficulty gaining an erection. Penis enlargement surgery is also very expensive and not covered by most insurance policies.

Jes Extender:

Jes Extender is a penis extender that has been around since 1994 with over half-million sales by 2010. According to the manufacturer’s website, this is the original traction device which still dominates the industry. The clinically and scientifically proven product has helped thousands of men increase their penis sizes without requiring any surgery or pills.

This product is also capable of being used while sleeping or when going outside if loose pants are worn.

How Does This Penis Extender Work?

Jes Extender works on the principle of Cytokinesis where this cellular process occurs when cells multiply and divide in the penis. As the penis extender uses a gentle and steady force on the penis, the member is stretched which activates the cytokinesis process, leading to more cells being created and an increase in penis size.

The stretching of the penis shaft also helps pull more of the penis length out of the body by loosening the ligaments that connect the pelvic bone to the penis. This also allows you to experience a further gain in length.

However, since a gentle force in needed for this method to be successful, it can take between a few weeks and a few months to see changes.

Using the device for more than the recommended time can lead to injury and overstretched muscles which is something we don’t want happening.

Who Should Consider Using Jes Extender?

As this is a penis extender, only adult men should even consider using the product. It has been designed to help men who are unsatisfied with their penis sizes and want an extra inch or two.

However, if a user is only interested in finding a product that can help combat various sexual health issues, this product might not be ideal. Men who have atherosclerosis which is the hardening of the arteries in the penis may want to consider getting male enhancement pills instead to soften the hardened arteries. Also, if a user has Peyronie’s disease, this product might help in straightening the curved penis for improved sex.

Basically, any man who wants a bigger penis can use Jes Extender.

JES Extender

Considerations Before Using The Penis Extender:

Some precautions before using Jes Extender:

  • Penis extenders like this one are meant to be used only by men over the age of 18.
  • You should also be willing to follow the guidelines provided to ensure that you get a bigger penis without any potential injuries.
  • If the penis has any cuts, infected areas, wounds, or genital herpes, its advised that you only use Jes Extender after these problems are taken care of.
  • For the men out there who have physically stressful jobs, its best not to use the product while working.
  • Because of the size of the penis extender, many men prefer to sleep with it on in the bed. However, if you know that you roll around in bed, its best to avoid using it in bed as this will help prevent any unnecessary accidents.
  • If you get an erection while using Jes Extender, don’t worry as it will adjust to the erection angle and you can also take it off when you get an erection as well.

Can This Penis Extender Cure Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is often caused due to a lack of control over the ejaculation mechanism during sex. Overstimulation of the penis can also increase premature ejaculation chances. In case of this penis extender, the stretching of the penis can cause an improvement in the blood flow to the penis. This can allow the penis cells to fully activate, improving the control over the ejaculation mechanism.

However, since PE is not the intended target of Jes Extender, it may be better to consider male enhancement pills if you have an erectile dysfunction problem.

Are There Any Risks In Using This Penis Extender?

The penis extender is designed with the user’s comfort in mind. This also makes it easy-to-use and safe.

However, we cannot fail to mention in this Jes Extender review that failing to follow the specified guidelines in using the penis extender can result in strained muscles and injury.

The guidelines indicate that you should only use the product for a specific period of time every day as using it for longer can increase the risk of muscle damage or injury.

Overextending the penis using the device is also another way you can risk injury for the penis when seeking faster gains and should be avoided.

How To Use Jes Extender?

  1. Assemble the device according to the instruction manual.
  2. Position the flaccid penis through the base and the extender bars.
  3. Mover the penis to the silicone band and tighten the band around the head of the penis.
  4. Use the hand screws near the base of the device to tighten the extender bars for optimal traction.
The manufacturers advise users to start off with just one hour of use a day. Over the following weeks and months, this can be extended up to 12 hours a day. The traction force should also be increased after the first few weeks to get the best Jes Extender results. However, ensure you don’t increase traction or usage period too fast as this can result in injury.

Jes Extender Before & After Pictures With Results:

The best way to assess how effective a product is at doing its job is to see a few before and after pictures of real users. However, to observe Jes Extender results, you would have to see Jes Extender before and after pictures of penises, not something most men are comfortable with.

Due to the nature of which doesn’t permit explicit content, we are unable to show you Jes Extender before and after pictures. However, you can view the pictures at the official product site if you want to know real users’ Jes Extender results.

JES Extender Before & After Pictures

Jes Extender Reviews And Testimonials

Every user’s Jes Extender review and testimonial is important in establishing how effective the product is at improving penis size.

Real user reviews for Jes Extender:

  • Luca Galvez
    Highly recommends this product as Jes Extender is the only male extender that has worked for him. He also says that his girlfriend also loves it and that it has helped him improve his penis size.
  • Patrick Lee
    Patrick mentions that his experience was excellent with the product, service, and results being worth the price. He goes on to say that the Platinum package has helped his penis growth a decent size.
  • Christoph B
    It took Chris a little longer than others to see results. After using Jes Extender for nine months, he has seen a vast improvement in penis size. He also said that this may not be the product for those looking for a quick fix solution.

The Various Packages Available To Buy Jes Extender:

According to my Jes Extender review of the official website for this penis extender, there are six packages for you to chose from:

The six packages available online for Jes Extender:

  1. Jes Extender Light:

    This is the product to get if you aren’t 100% sure you want to get the original version but want to give Jes Extender a try. This Class 1 medical device comes with all the essential Jes Extender parts. This package also comes with free UK delivery and is the most affordable Jes Extender package at only £149.95.

  2. Jes Extender Original:

    This is the original Jes Extender and has helped thousands of men around the world. It provides everything you would want to use this penis extender every day for over 6 hours. This package comes with a few added parts to the Jes Extender Light package. It comes with worldwide shipping available as well as a 2-year warranty for the price of £167.95.

  3. Jes Extender Titanium:

    This is the titanium package which gives you a penis extender made of high-grade titanium. This long-lasting product also comes with a modern flight case made from aluminum along with some extras like 0.5-inch elongation bars and a set of keys for adjusting the penis extender. Like the others, there is free UK delivery and is available on the official site for £184.95.

  4. Jes Extender Silver:

    This sliver package provides the same items as the light package but is silver-plated. This package also gives you 5-year warranty along with two comfort pads and adjustable keys. This stylish product also comes in a sleek box and a set of instructional DVD in multiple languages. Jes Extender Silver packages cost £209.95 from the official site.

  5. Jes Extender Gold:

    This is the package to get if you want the best quality for your penis enlargement experience. The parts are 24-carat gold plated with a complete spare parts kit. Getting this product is an investment in getting a bigger penis that many men have opted for. This Jes Extender Gold package costs £294.95 on the official site.

  6. Jes Extender Platinum:

    This is the top of the line package for Jes Extender and comes with lifetime manufacturer’s warranty as well as four set of elongation bars and innovative comfort straps which can generate 1200 g of traction force. This premium package is priced at £849.95 when purchased from the official site.

Jes Extender – Does It Have Our Recommendation?

There are many different ways you can try to increase your penis size, but penis extenders like Jes Extender are the only ones which have been scientifically proven to provide the results claimed by the manufacturers. When observing the quality of the hypoallergenic materials and the complete product, it is clear that this is a penis extender that can compete with products priced at a much higher range. These points, along with the positive Jes Extender reviews I found have helped us confidently recommend this penis extender for our male readers.

Note that the official website is where you can get the best deals to buy Jes Extender.

Buy JES Extender

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