11 Benefits Of Drinking Kombucha Drink

Have you tried a Kombucha drink already because this 2000-year-old beverage has been making headlines as of recently?

I have heard several people at the office describing how they have been sucked into trying this drink out.

And apparently, this drink is said to be super healthy and good for your body. Plus it’s a new (and cool) way to drink tea.

Kombucha Benefits
So, why was I waiting till now to try it?

Well, I wanted to do actual research this drink and see if it lives up to its recently hyped reputation.

This is what I did last night and found 11 benefits of drinking this fermented drink.

If this new drink or its 11 benefits have got you interested, read on.

What Is Kombucha?

Kombucha was invented 2000 years ago in China and was known as an ‘Immortal Health Elixir’ or ‘tea of life.’

It’s a fermented drink made from black (or green) tea, sugar, and SCOBY [1] (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast).

The drink has a fizzy consistency (like soda) and tastes like vinegar. I also found that you can add flavors and fruits while making it for a better taste.

After all, there is no way a drink that tastes like Vinegar is every going to be popular.

I found the bacteria in SCOBY contain several beneficial probiotics that include:
  • Zygosaccharomyces
  • Gluconacetobacter
  • Lactobacillus
  • Acetobacter

The reason tens of thousands of people are buying this stuff is for the claimed benefits.

These claimed benefits range from the expected (improves digestion) to the questionable (cures cancer).

This is also why there is a lot of confusion on what benefits are actually possible with drinking this beverage.

According to my research, here are the 11 Benefits Of Drinking Kombucha:

1. Kombucha Improves Your Digestion

Kombucha - Improves Your Digestion

This drink contains plenty of probiotics [2] that will enhance your gut health.

These healthy bacteria help improve your digestive system, soothing your upset stomach and boosting nutrient absorption.

Drinking this beverage is excellent for digestive tract issues like diarrhea, constipation, and IBS. Probiotic supplements can also be used to boost digestion and gut health [3].

2. Supports Joint Health

Kombucha - Supports Joint Health

Kombucha doesn’t just give your digestion a boost; it also works on your joints and connective tissue.

It improves joint health because it contains Glucosamines. These natural compounds can boost hyaluronic acid levels in the body.

Heightened amounts of hyaluronic acid cause a rise in collagen levels, improving joint lubrication and protection.

3. Helps You Detox

Kombucha - Helps You Detox

When the tea is fermented, this drink produces Glucaric acid [4].

This naturally produced chemical can be found in other vegetables and fruits as well.

It works to bind with the toxins, helping to eject them from your body.

Since it helps you detox, it supports the healthy function of your liver while doing so.

4. Kombucha Aids In Weight Loss

Kombucha - Aids In Weight Loss

One of the most exciting benefits of this drink is its ability to boost fat loss.

This drink works like Apple Cider Vinegar as [5] it helps boost metabolism and boosts levels of healthy microbes.

The many natural, healthy antioxidants are also a great benefit for aiding in weight loss.

When combined with its other health benefits, the weight loss aid truly shines through

5. Treats Lung Diseases

Kombucha - Treats Lung Diseases

A 2013 study [6] in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine discussed its effects on silicosis.

While the research was done on rats, it still showed this substance to be a viable treatment of silicosis.

I would suggest drinking Kombucha, but this is one of those potential benefits that have interested scientists and researchers.

6. Combats Type-II Diabetes

Kombucha - Combats Type-II Diabetes

I found this drink to be helpful against type-II diabetes.

A 2013 study [7] in Food and Chemical Toxicology discussed the effects of this substance on antioxidant levels and type-II diabetes. The research concluded that the antioxidants in the drink alleviated several symptoms of diabetes.

Similarly, a 2012 study [8] in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine assessed the drink’s effects on liver and kidney function. This resulted in finding the drink to have a positive impact on kidney and liver function. It also showed this drink to be a potential treatment and prevention option for diabetes.

NOTE: Several experts suggest against this drink helping with diabetes. However, this isn’t due to the beverage itself but the high sugar content in the drink’s commercially available versions.

7. Reduces Risk Of Cancer

Kombucha - Reduces Risk Of Cancer

The Glucaric acid in Kombucha is said to help reduce the risk of certain forms of cancer.

This fermented beverage also contains Lactobacillus microbes [9]. These probiotic microbes may activate the body’s natural cancer-killing cells.

8. Kombucha Improves Immunity

Kombucha - Improves Immunity

Did you know that your stomach contains 80% of your immune system?

So, you can expect a boost in your immunity due to the improved gut health.

The healthy microbes help reduce your chance of facing problems caused by low microbe levels like ulcers.

I also found this drink has anti-inflammatory benefits due to the DSL and Vitamin C it contains.

9. Potent Antibacterial Benefits

Kombucha - Antibacterial Benefits

While it may seem counterintuitive, the healthy bacteria in Kombucha eliminates the unhealthy and harmful bacteria in the body.

So, this drink counters harmful bacteria that cause illnesses and infections.

These include Sh. sonnei, staph, E. coli, Campylobacter jejuni, and salmonella [10].

10. Improves Mood And Mental Health

Kombucha - Reduces Stress

This drink contains several Vitamins, including Vitamin C, B1, B6, and B12.

The Vitamin C helps reduce cortisol levels, alleviating mental stress.

The B complex vitamins also help mental health by boosting mood and countering depression.

11. Raises Energy Levels And Physical Performance

Kombucha - Improves Energy And Physical Performance

The tea in this beverage contains a small amount of caffeine.

This helps you experience a boost in energy and physical performance.

The drink also contains Iron and B complex Vitamins to boost oxygenated blood flow to the muscles, improving your workouts.

It’s also great as a post-workout recovery aid that improves immunity and counters muscle fatigue.

Should You Try Kombucha?

Have any of the 11 Kombucha benefits interested you?

If so, you can try some for yourself today.

You can purchase these organic drinks from most health stores and major supermarkets.

These cost a few dollars and are a great way to see the benefits yourself.

That said, most store-bought beverages will probably contain a high amount of sugar.

So, if you want the healthiest drink with the best benefits, make some yourself.

Kombucha - Make Your Own At Home

You can do this at home with some SCOBY bacteria cultures, sugar, and tea.

That said, do your research in making the drink before trying it out. That’s because incorrectly doing it can result in side effects.

Therefore, my recommendation for anyone interested in Kombucha is to try and see if it works for you.


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