Mint Path Teeth Whitening Kit: Get Whiter Teeth With Just One Application!

Mint Path Teeth Whitening Kit is a product that’s been creating a lot of buzz lately in the dental health forums.

Some say that this is one of the best teeth whiteners out there while others call it a scam.

In this article, I’ve tried to separate the truth from the hype to give you an in-depth Mint Path review along with a satisfactory conclusion.

Mint Path Teeth Whitening Kit

Teeth stains from coffee, cigarettes, alcohol can be a big hassle to get rid of. Not only is going to the dentist expensive, but their intense bleaching gels can also cause teeth sensitivity issues and gum burn.

This is why men and women are converting to using at-home teeth whitening kits like Mint Path. And while these take a little more time, for most people the pros outweigh the cons, making these teeth whiteners very popular.

Mint Path Teeth Whitening Kit:

Mint Path is a teeth whitening product that contains a proprietary gel that whitens and polishes the teeth.

This gel is made from a few clinically proven ingredients that have shown to lighten teeth stains. Using the teeth whitening pen, men and women can whiten their teeth on the go without requiring cumbersome equipment.

Additionally, using the pen only requires a few minutes to get whiter teeth, making a good idea to keep in your bag or purse.

The benefits of this product also include reduced sensitivity issues due to the controlled strength of the whitening gel. This means that reduced risk of gum burn and oversensitive teeth.

And as for the cost of buying Mint Path Teeth Whitening Kit, it comes with a trial offer directly from the official site (more on this later).

How Does Mint Path Teeth Whitening Pen Work?

The whitening gel that is used in this product uses similar bleaching agents as the dentist. However, this product uses a lower strength agent, reducing pain but increasing the time needed. But even after this, the official site claims to provide whiter teeth within minutes of the first use.

This bleaching agent interacts with the teeth, breaking down into its basic components. These components (like Hydrogen Peroxide) can react with the teeth stains, alternating their chemical structure. This allows the teeth stains to break down and become lighter, eventually being eliminated.

That said, I suggest you don’t expect the stains to be eliminated in just one use. It takes a few applications to get most stains out. And if your teeth are very stained, it can take even longer.

So, if you keep this fact in mind, you should be fine with using a teeth whitening pen or kit to get whiter teeth at home.

Ingredients In Mint Path Teeth Whitening Kit:

  • Peppermint Oil:
    Peppermint oil is used in several dental remedies because it is known to combat anaerobic bacteria that cause gum diseases. Additionally, it is also popular for its anti-bacterial, antiseptic, and pain-relieving attributes. This ingredient improves the health of your teeth and gums while supporting whiter teeth.
  • Carbomer:
    Carbomer is used in teeth whiteners because of its strong oxidizing effects and lack of side effects after use. This ingredient is formed with acrylic acids as a basic component with polymers series. It works to remove plaque, protect against infection, and whiten the teeth.
  • Kosher Glycerin:
    Kosher Glycerin is used in products because it improves the stability and efficiency of the product. In this teeth whitener, the ingredient improves the bleaching agent’s performance to give you whiter teeth. It also helps the gel work faster and penetrates to the teeth stains for maximum benefit for your teeth whitening experience.

Mint Path Teeth Whitening Ingredients

Other than these three ingredients, no other mention is made of the bleaching agent or other ingredients in the manufacturer’s site. From my experience, this is not a positive sign for the offered product.

Side Effects Of Mint Path Teeth Whitener:

The manufacturer’s site claims this teeth whitener causes no side effects. This includes teeth sensitivity, gum burn, and other common problems associated with at-home teeth whiteners.

I tried to find online user reviews for this product but ended up with no results. It seems that few people have used this product and taken the effort to upload a testimonial online.

How To Use Mint Path?

  1. First, brush your teeth and rinse your mouth to remove any debris or plaque that’s built up.
  2. Twist the bottom of the pen until the gel is dispensed from the top. Apply said gel on the teeth. Take care to avoid touching the gel with your gums and lips for 30-60 seconds.
  3. Rinse your mouth with water after 15 minutes. Avoid drinking or eating anything for an hour after for better results.
The steps to use Mint Path Teeth Whitening Kit are straightforward. Also, you can apply the gel on a daily basis for at most 14 consecutive days.

Where To Buy Mint Path Teeth Whitener?

Mint Path is only available on the manufacturer’s website with a risk-free trial offer. This means that there is no way to buy this teeth whitener directly from the makers.

This trial offer claims to send you a 30-day supply of Mint Path for just a $6.12 shipping cost. However, in the fine print of the T&C, it’s mentioned that the trial period is for 30 days and not canceling results in a charge of $159.37 applied to your credit card.

Additionally, you are also enrolled in their auto-shipment program that charges you another $159.37+$6.12 every 30 days for the next month’s supply. And again, this can be canceled, but many users end up surprised with these charges and call the product a scam.

The Conclusion Regarding Buying Mint Path Teeth Whitening Kit:

Even if Mint Path provides the benefits it claims it does, there’s no way it’s worth spending $165.49 a month. Adding to that, the claims of recurring charges being difficult to stop makes a strong case against this product.

Not Approved

So, the only conclusion I can come up with for Mint Path Teeth Whitening Kit is that you are advised to stay away from this product.

Instead, you are better off getting a more affordable teeth whitener like Impressive Smile that sells for around the same price as the shipping charge for Mint Path.

Impressive Smile Teeth Whitening Pen:

Impressive Smile teeth whitening pens can be purchased directly from their manufacturer and are easily affordable for everyone.

Impressive Smile Teeth Whitening Pen

It uses a Carbamide Peroxide gel that provides the teeth whitening results you expect within a reasonable timeframe.

This is also not a new and unknown product, having been around for a few years already. And this has led to thousands of men and women have used this teeth whitener, with tons of online reviews available for those interested.

And the biggest pro for buying Impressive Smile is its direct-purchase deals:

  1. $8.00 ($8.00 per pen) for one pen
  2. $13.99 ($6.99 per pen) for two pens
  3. $23.98 ($5.99 per pen) for four pens
So, if you get the 4-pen deal, you are buying each pen at a lower price than the shipping cost of Mint Path Teeth Whitening Kit.

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