OmegaGro: Hair Growth Pills Review

OmegaGro is a hair growth product that counters hair loss in men and women.

In addition to this hair supplement, there are thousands of products that cater to improving hair health.

These products include pills, shampoos, conditioners, oils, foams, and more.


But of these products, hair growth pills are often the easiest to use and cause the least disruption to day-to-day activities.

Why Am I Writing This OmegaGro Review?

This OmegaGro review is written to give you a better understanding of this hair growth supplement.

I believe it’s necessary to investigate this product because I didn’t find any online reviews when I checked. And the official website is also limited with the information it provides.

This lack of information online can make it difficult to decide on buying OmegaGro.

I also know that I can use my experience in reviewing and using hair growth products to provide an unbiased evaluation of OmegaGro.

After you read this review, you should be able to clearly understand the good, bad, and ugly about this product. I’ll also provide a final recommendation so that you can be assured with the decision you make.


OmegaGro is a hair growth pill that contains vitamins and minerals that provide the necessary nutrients needed to improve hair health.

This supplement claims to works quickly to improve hair health, strength, and volume.

And it promises to provide these results without any side effects.

What Are The Claimed Benefits For OmegaGro?

  • Contains three times more SuperBiotin® (no information or evidence provided)
  • Reduces hair loss
  • Promotes faster hair growth
  • Boosts follicle strength with hair nutrients
  • Provides thicker and healthier hair within weeks
  • Hydrates hair and provides a shine

Note that this product isn’t FDA-approved and hasn’t been clinically tested to work. I also found no user reviews that support the use of OmegaGro by real men and women.

The Ingredient List In OmegaGro:

  • Niacin: This is a B3 Vitamin that is proven to improve hair follicle health and hair growth by promoting blood and nutrient circulation.
  • Biotin: This is the most popular hair care ingredient that is proven to improve follicle strength, hair thickness, scalp coverage, hair shine, and overall hair volume.
  • Vitamin A: This A vitamin is proven to improve follicle health while repairing and rejuvenating hair follicles.
  • Vitamin E: This vitamin is proven to accelerate hair growth while countering hair loss by regulating androgynous functions.

OmegaGro Ingredients

These are the only four ingredients listed on the official site. The Supplement Facts label is also missing, along with the exact amounts of each ingredient used in every serving.

A lack of ingredients (or information on the ingredients) is something I take very seriously.

After all, we plan to put these pills in our mouths, and I don’t want to ingest something that will be harmful.

And there’s also a possibility that the pills will do nothing other than making our wallets lighter.

What’s The Dosage For Taking OmegaGro?

One of the only positives about OmegaGro is its dosage. After all, very few supplements sold online can provide one pill a day solution.

However, the negatives diminish this aspect of this supplement as well. Since while taking only one pill a day is great, we have no clue exactly how much of the active ingredients are in the pills.

Often, what the sub-par products do is only use token amounts of each ingredient in the supplement.

This means that while technically, the pills contain the mentioned ingredients, the amounts are not nearly enough to be of any use.

So, in the end, you may get a pill that does absolutely nothing.

Who Makes OmegaGro?

According to the Contact Us page on the official site, the owner of OmegaGro is called BetterStrength.

Unfortunately, other than a Canadian PO Box, phone number and email, there is no information on the manufacturers.

We don’t even know if BetterStrength is the maker of these pills or if they only distribute the product.

Secondly, and I think you would agree with me on this one: I find it difficult to trust a company or product if the official address they provide is a PO Box.

But for your reference, here are the contact details for OmegaGro:

  • Address: Betterstrength, PO Box 1233, Toronto, ON, M3J 0R7, Canada
  • Phone: (844)-888-8983
  • Email:

I also tried to visit to see if I can get additional info from there but ended up being denied access. also ended up failing to find a company called BetterStrength in Canada. I even checked US companies to find this company.

I have failed to find any satisfactory information on the makers of this product.

Unfortunately, I have seen several similar cases where an unknown company is providing a product to users online with a risk-free trial for a very low price.

In the end, most of these companies and products turn out to be scams that end up robbing users of hundreds of dollars.

And after they gain notoriety, they close up shop and start selling the same product under a new name and company, looking for the next batch of suckers.

Is BetterStrength OmegaGro A Permanent Solution?

No. This is not a permanent solution to your hair loss, no hair growth supplement is.

These supplements provide nutrients to your hair so that the hair follicles can improve function. However, if you stop using the product, your hair health should slowly return to how it was before taking the pills.

That said, if you can improve your diet and ensure that you have the right vitamins and minerals in your diet, the benefits should be evident in just a few months.

What Do The Real User Reviews Say About OmegaGro?

I checked Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Instagram, and any other social media for user reviews on OmegaGro.

Unfortunately, I ended up empty-handed with zero user reviews.

This may be since OmegaGro product seems to be a new product that hasn’t been on the market for long.

But this brings to question the manufacturer’s website’s claim of OmegaGro being ‘THE LEADING #1 NATURAL TREATMENT FOR HAIR LOSS.’

After all, if I can’t find a single user review online, how can the product claim to be the number one solution to hair loss?

There are a few user reviews on the official site, but those are probably biased and can’t be trusted.

This means that I don’t have any user reviews to provide my recommendation at the end.

What Are The Chances Of Side Effects With OmegaGro?

It would be a difficult decision for me to guarantee the chance of side effects with this product. This is because of the lack of independent user reviews online.

And while the manufacturer’s website claims to be side effect free, that doesn’t really mean anything. After all, which manufacturer is going to admit to their product having side effects.

What’s The Price To Buy OmegaGro?

I found OmegaGro to be only available from the official website with a risk-free trial offer.

This offer charges you a shipping price ($1.95) at the time of sign up and charges you the full price ($89.90) when the 14-day trial period ends.

If you want to cancel the trial before the trial period ends, you need to call their customer service center. But this is where the poor customer service of these companies prevents you from canceling their trial on time.

In the end, if the trial isn’t canceled, you end up receiving a 30-day supply of the pills every month, for which you are charged $89.90 every time. This auto-subscription program is also difficult to cancel. In some cases, people even canceled their credit cards to stop the charges.

Rather than getting stuck in a scam with a trial offer, you are better off getting a direct-purchase product like Har Vokse and Folexin.

Not Recommended

Why Do I Not Recommend Buying OmegaGro?

  • Missing list of ingredients
  • Lack of information on the specific ingredient concentrations
  • No proof provided for any of the claims made
  • Unknown manufacturers
  • No independent reviews available
  • Shady free trial marketing schemes
  • Hidden recurring charges

These are legitimate reasons that you shouldn’t buy any odd product you find online that’s providing a good deal.

So, if I don’t recommend OmegaGro, what’s the alternative?

Well, there are two hair growth pills that I would recommend: Har Vokse and Folexin.

They provide similar results with both being made by reputed manufacturers and supported by many users online.

OmegaGro Alternative: Har Vokse

Har Vokse is an all-natural hair growth supplement that uses a list of 15 natural ingredients to boost hair health.

OmegaGro Alternative: Har Vokse

The hair nutrients in each pill are specially selected to provide the biggest boost to hair health. This is done by promoting thicker and stronger hair growth while protecting and strengthening your existing hair.

Wolfson Berg Ltd is a well-reputed supplement maker that owns Har Vokse and the rest of the Bauer Nutrition lineup.

Har Vokse is the product for you if you are suffering from hair loss and thinning.

The pricing for Har Vokse is somewhat on the higher side. But when you consider the results you get, the money spent seems well worth it.

The best-value deal for Har Vokse ends up costing you $29.98 per bottle.

Read My Har Vokse Review

OmegaGro Alternative: Folexin

Folexin another quality hair regrowth supplement that works best for men and women who want to regrow their hair without using steroids.

OmegaGro Alternative: Folexin

The hair care formula in this pill works on the three hair growth stages and can combat hair fall due to hormonal changes, aging, or environmental factors.

Vita Balance Limited, a UK-based company, owns and manufacturers Folexin.

It is also more affordable than OmegaGro at $17.98 per bottle for its best-value deal.

Read My Folexin Review

While both these hair growth supplements are great alternatives for OmegaGro, you can also take a look at the best hair products list on for additional options.  
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