One Of The Most Ignored Parts In Chicken Is Actually Very healthy

If you are a non-vegetarian and someone says chicken, then your mouth might get watery just listening to the name. Who wants to have green, tasteless vegetables when you hot, spicy and yummy chicken in front of you?


Some of you must have declared chicken as your stable food due to its heavenly and juicy taste that arouses every part of your body. Some of you might just laugh around on vegetarians as if they are missing out some of the best things in their lives.

It has scientifically proved that non-vegetarian food has more proteins and are rich in nutrients that can help the consumer to stay fit and healthy. Chicken is one of the non-veg food that can provide most number of health benefits to people.

As per reports people tend to eat chicken legs more than any other organs as they believe that it to be juicier and full of fats. But have you ever tried chicken feet?

Why Should You Try Chicken Feet?

Chicken feet are often thrown away as people don’t feel like to consume them. There are even people who absolutely love eating them as they feel it most tasty and healthy compared to any other chicken organ. It has now been started using as a core ingredient in Asian delicacies especially in Filipino, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese cuisines.


Chicken feet are made up of only connective tissues that have a wide range of health benefits to you as compared any other chicken organ. These collective tissues that can be found only on feet contain a large amount of collagen that can be very beneficial to your body.

People find it hard to believe that chicken feet too have nutritious aspects making it healthy and helpful for non-vegetarians.

Nutrients In Chicken Feet

Before trying something new, we often try to find the health benefits and nutrients level in the food. To make your work easy and motivate you to try chicken feet, here are the nutritious materials that can found in chicken feet:

  • Omega 6 fatty acid- 2571mg
  • Omega 3 fatty acid- 187mg
  • Energy- 150 kcal
  • Carbohydrate- 4g
  • Vitamin A- 100UI
  • Choline- 13mg
  • Phosphor- 83mg
  • Protein- 19g
  • Total fat- 8g
  • Folate- 86mg
  • Calcium- 88mg

These are some of the essential nutrients that are rich and can be found in chicken feet. These healthy ingredients make chicken feet wholesome and beneficial as compared to any other chicken organs.

As you always look at health benefits first! Find below, some of the health benefits of chicken feet.

Improves Skin

Chicken feet can help giving a good skin to you due to collagen found in this food. It can help prevent your skin from aging, regenerates skin cells and maintains them. These days a maximum number of skin aging creams has collagen present in as it helps in developing and maintain human skin.


Build Strong Bones

Most of the old people experience calcium deficiency, and it is really difficult for them to regenerate them quickly. But the ones who have been eating chicken feet from ages do not have fragile bone and joint pains in their old age as they have essential nutrients such as collagen, protein, calcium, and cartilage in their body.

Healthy Gums

An important part of the human body, gums help all our food to be chewed properly by teeth and tongue. There are times when our gums get weak due to lack of nutrients in them. Chicken feet containing the amino acid, collagen, and other gelatin-forming substances can help building healthy and strong gum in your mouth.


Balances Hormones

The levels of zinc in the body are the key to hormonal balance. The zinc levels present in chicken feet can help meet 1/3 of the human body needs in each portion. Chicken feet can play a vital role in helping healthy blood supply to various hormonal control areas such as various glands in the body and the central nervous system in the brain that results in healthy blood vessel system.

Stronger Nails

Chicken feet are said to be very beneficial to the human body as it also strengthens the nails and its structure. The amino acids, proline, collagen, and glycine can help you with strong and beautiful nails. People who usually consume chicken feet every day tend to have healthy and stronger nails compared to non-consumers of chicken feet.


Boosts Immunity System

Chicken feet are rich in beneficial nutrients that can even improve and boost the functioning of your immune system. Eating chicken feet can provide minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, copper, zinc, and magnesium with collagen that can be useful in treating diseases. You can have a healthy and improved immune system if you add chicken feet in your daily meals.

Combats High Blood Pressure

The collagen protein present in chicken feet is more than chicken breast. Eating Chicken feet every day can help lower renin levels that prevent high blood pressures. People with hypertension can also benefit as the potassium present in chicken feet can help lower their burdens.

High Blood-Pressure

Overcome Rheumatism

Chicken feet have a kind of connective tissue protein that reduces the risk of increased rheumatic attacks due to its consumption. The hydroxyapatite substances found in chicken feet help to strengthen your outer bones and prevents bone fragility. The calcium present in the feet is good for rheumatism.

Fights Aging

The natural collagen found in chicken feet is similar to the one found in fruits and green leafy vegetables. Consuming chicken feet can help building healthy human skin as it can reduce the fine lines and wrinkles, making it smooth and beautiful. Chicken feet is also said to remove the scars and acne permanently.

Improves Digestion

As the feet are rich in glucosamine, collagen, proteins, and chondroitin, it can help healthy digestion in consumers. Not only chicken feet can help in healthy digestions, but it can also help in improving intestinal functioning and makes your intestine healthy.


Other Benefits Of Chicken Feet

Here are the some of the benefits chicken feet can also give to you:

  • Manage heart rates
  • Infant’s growth and development
  • Good for diet
  • Reduces weight
  • Heals injuries
  • Cures arthritis

So, looking at the health benefits, we are sure that you might have given a thought to try chicken feet, at least once. Though you are fond of other chicken organs, chicken feet can provide you with various nutrients and proteins that can help you enjoy above-mentioned benefits. This food with rich in collagen protein can help make you beautiful and young.

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