Raw Power XL: Male Enhancement Pills Review

Raw Power XL claims to be a high-quality male enhancement supplement sold online.

A week ago, one of our subscribers hit me up with a request to review this online product he’s thinking of ordering.

He was unsure of the male enhancement supplement as it seemed to be a relatively unknown product but is offering some mouth-watering deals for a short period.

So, I decided to get online and find out everything there is about Raw Power XL.

Raw Power XL

The male enhancement supplement market is part of a billion-dollar industry which releases tens of new products daily. Unfortunately, many of these new products are made with low-quality ingredients that barely work, if they work at all.

In this article, you’ll find out what I liked about Raw Power XL and what I didn’t. I plan to be straight to the point and not going to lay on the BS. However, if you don’t want to see all the details, you can jump to the conclusion and recommendation if you like.

And believe me, if you’re like one of the many guys out there who is thinking of buying Raw Power XL, you definitely need to read this full article before jumping the gun with Raw Power XL.

Raw Power XL:

Raw Power XL claims to be a male enhancement supplement that uses all-natural ingredients to improve sexual performance in men.

It’s said to work by promoting the body’s natural production of testosterone and nitric oxide.

It promises to turn you into a stallion in bed, with the bigger penis to match.

The official site is filled with claims to improve EVERY aspect of sexual health you can think of. There’s even a line which states that this pill “treats the root cause of sexual dysfunctions” in men.

Now I don’t know about you, but if I were told that such a Miracle Pill existed, and I only had to pay $4.95 for a bottle, I would be shocked. After all, if such a non-prescription sex pill were around, Viagra and Pfizer would be out of business.

The Claimed Benefits Of Using Raw Power XL:

  • Improved sexual performance
  • Harder Erections
  • Longer lasting sex
  • Enhanced libido
  • Bigger penis
  • Higher sexual energy levels
  • Combats sexual dysfunctions

I have been reviewing supplements for years, and I have to say that this list of benefits is practically copy-pasted from other products. There is not a single benefit here that is unique to Raw Power XL.

So, in short, this pill claims to provide you with the same benefits as all the other male enhancement supplements out there.

The Mentioned Raw Power XL Ingredients:

Raw Power XL Ingredients

The keyword ‘scientifically proven’ sounds nice, right?

Well, while it’s true that these ingredients have been clinically tested and proven to work, there’s no guarantee that this supplement will provide the same results.

Why? Because the amounts of each ingredient required to be taken every day are probably more than the amounts used in Raw Power XL pills.

And this leads me to my next point: There is no mention on the official website about the specifics of each ingredient. No information about how much Horny goat weed and L-arginine was used in each serving. This is disconcerting as quality products often advertise their full ingredient list, not hide them.

What Is The Recommended Dosage For Raw Power XL?

I checked the official website for Raw Power XL, and I failed to find a single mention of the recommended dosage.

However, most of the male enhancement supplements sold only come with a 2-pill-a-day dosage. But the bottle should confirm this dosage (hopefully).

I’m quite sure that the dosage is for two pills as each 60-pill bottle of Raw Power XL is said to have a 30-day supply. But its always best to verify the dosage before consuming any supplement.

Any Genuine Raw Power XL Reviews Out There?

If you guys find any product reviews by real users online, send them to me.

Why? Because I didn’t find a single genuine review on Raw Power XL online. The few I did find were clearly biased and/or fake, having been designed to drive sales up. Since this product is not on Amazon, I wasn’t able to find reviews there either.

And the user reviews on the official site are fake:

  • Firstly, since its the manufacturer’s site, they aren’t going to write anything other than positives on their own product.
  • Secondly, I’ve seen the images and testimonials of the same people on multiple product sites. This means that even the website is recycled and copy-pasted for numerous products — a clear indication of a fly-by-night product that is around today but may be gone by tomorrow morning.

What About The Real Raw Power XL Prices?

Well, the price for a single bottle of Raw Power XL is $85.95 plus shipping ($4.95). However, on the official site, you can’t even find this figure unless you read the fine print.

What you are shown over and over again is the term ‘FREE TRIAL’ and ‘RISK-FREE TRIAL’ which sounds like you winning the lottery.

But the fact is that there is NOTHING FREE about buying this supplement.
Some of the clearly mentioned and hidden costs/terms with getting Raw Power XL free trial offer include:
  • Shipping cost at the time of signup: $4.95 (clearly mentioned)
  • The trial is only valid for ten days (hidden in the fine print)
  • After the trial period ends, you’re charged $85.95 for the first bottle (hidden in the fine print)
  • You’re signed up for the auto-shipment program at the time of signup (hidden in the fine print)
  • With the auto-shipment program, a new bottle is sent every 30 days with a cost of $90.90 ($85.95+$4.95).
  • The $90.90 is a recurring cost (per month) that is charged directly to the credit card without additional authorization.
  • While the trial is cancellable, it’s difficult to get a hold of the customer service staff (1-877-516-7511) due to several reasons.
  • Some users have resorted to canceling their credit cards to avoid additional charges. These charges can mount up to over $1000 if left unchecked.

Why Am I Against Raw Power XL Free Trial Offer?

Well, looking at the previous hidden costs/terms list should be a good enough reason to stay away from such a dodgy product.

However, it’s not just the pricing that’s got me keyed up. It’s the fact that these guys are providing a product with zero backing and support for their claims. They are building a fantasy without any foundation to stand on.

Raw Power XL Not Recommended

So, if you are one of the guys who is considering buying Raw Power XL, stay away. There are plenty of ways to waste your hard-earned money other than buying this product.

But if you want to get a genuine product that provides plausible results and a strong user-base, there’s no male enhancement supplement like Male Extra.

Raw Power XL Alternative: Male Extra

Male Extra is a quality male enhancement supplement that’s helped over 100,000 people around the world since its launch in 2011.

Raw Power XL Alternative: Male Extra

Some of the benefits of buying Male Extra over Raw Power XL:

  • Clearly mentioned ingredient list with Supplement Facts label and individual ingredient concentrations
  • A plausible list of claimed sexual health benefits
  • Made by a reputed manufacturer (Wolfson Berg Ltd.)
  • Well-documented list of benefits (from the tons of real user reviews)
  • Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Clearly mentioned prices with several multi-buy deals
  • Only single deals with no recurring charges
  • Affordable prices ($41.65 per bottle)
Therefore, if you are looking to improve your sexual health and performance, I recommend you go for Male Extra.

Next, you can hop on over to my Male Extra Review or directly head to the Official Male Extra website to see what you have been missing out on.

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