The Dangers Of Drinking Water While Standing

In this article, we will discuss the lesser-known dangers of drinking water while standing. 

Water provides essential nutrients to our body and makes our internal system work smoothly and efficiently. This is why an adult has 60% of the total water present in the body to help him/her with maintaining body temperatures, promoting digestion, providing hydration and so on.

It is not always essential to drink a specific amount of water to stay hydrated and fresh.  But what’s important is that to know if we are correctly drinking water? What can be the right way of drinking water?

Standing And Drinking Water

We usually tend to drink water more often while standing rather than sitting, ignorant of the fact that it can be dangerous to our health and body (1). This is the reason why experts advise us to drink water while sitting instead of standing. Why? Why is so that people recommend us to sit down and drink water?

Reason Behind Drinking Water In Sitting Position:

As drinking water is as important as oxygen to live, we should know the correct way of drinking water that can be beneficial to us. But, there are some of our drinking positions, that might be harmful to our health affecting different organs.

Ayurveda believes that the correct way of drinking water is when we are seated. Standing and drinking water can have a harmful effect on an individual’s health.

This research of Ayurveda on body getting affected by standing and drinking water has been confirmed by the health experts and Doctors as well.


Drinking water in our standing position has no benefits to the human body, according to Ayurveda. As per research, the standing position while we drink water has no beneficial outcomes as the fluid directly travels down to stomach, affecting and damaging various organs with its fast speed.

Dangers Of Drinking Water In A Standing Posture:

Ayurveda, one of the oldest traditional healing techniques says that the water flowing with high pressure through esophagus damages different organs and can affect our digestive system.

Not only it says about the position, but Ayurveda also believes that the temperature of the water can matter a lot.

This is why world’s oldest healing technique does not encourage chilled or cold water drinking and broadly believes it negatively affects our stomach.

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Here are some of the adverse effects of standing and drinking water:

Ulcers and Heartburn:

When we drink water in a standing position, water reaches to our lower parts of the body very hard. The first organ to get affected with speedy water is our esophagus. This can affect the lower esophageal sphincter, resulting in irritation and burning sensation in the esophagus. Because of this burning sensation, the acids of the stomach can flow backward.


Health doctors have proven that an individual can end up with arthritis later in his life if he continues to drink water in a standing position. This can result in an imbalance of fluids in the body, affecting different joint pains thus resulting in arthritis.

Unsatisfying thirst:

It is proven that people who stand and drink water are never fully quenched compared to the people who sit and drink their water. So it can be better if one drinks water in a sited position and have smaller sips to satisfy their thirst.

Affects kidney:

When we drink water in a standing position, the high speed of fluid remains unfiltered and reaches the lower stomach directly. The unfiltered and full of impurities water settling in our bladder can be harmful to our kidneys. This unpurified water does not settle in our liver and does not provide any nutrients to the body.

Affects acid levels in the body:

Even Ayurveda believes that we should drink water slowly with small sips as it helps the acid to dilute correctly with the proper portion of water in it.

Improper digestive system:

The fluids travel directly and hit the stomach wall with high speed when we drink water in a standing posture. The high intensity of fluid can harm gastrointestinal tract and stomach wall causing long-term damage to our digestive system.


Ayurvedic Tips To Avoid The Dangers Of Drinking Water:

The traditional technique has always taught for overall body health. The researchers have proved that these olden techniques help to receive the best results to the human body. Ayurveda has given some of the best theories that are still assisting the doctors in treating the patients with their problems.

Ayurveda has researched on our ways of drinking water and came up with simple guidelines that can help people in many ways. These guidelines can help improve your drinking habits that you have been doing wrong throughout your life.

Ayurvedic Ways To Drink Water:

  • Drink water in a seated position.
  • Drink water warm or at least room temperature water. Cold and chilled water are harmful to the body.
  • Small sip-swallow-breathe-repeat, this should be the method of drinking water.
  • Drink when there is an urge of having water. So it’s better to drink when you are thirsty.
  • Drinking water while eating can affect digestion. So better sip the small amount of water, while you eat.
  • Your urine can suggest how badly your body needs water. If the color is clear and straw, then your body is working correctly. If there is a yellow colored discharge of urine, then you must drink more water.
  • Drink little amount of water the whole day. It helps to keep you hydrated (2).
  • Drinking water before the meal can help in better digestion of food in your body. But make sure to keep a gap of at least 45 minutes before and after eating. Drinking lots of water immediately before and after meals dilute the digestive juices leaving the food undigested.
  • When you find your lips getting dry, it is a sign that your body is dehydrated and requires hydration.

Dry Lips

These are some of the tips Ayurveda believes can help you when it comes to right ways of drinking water. Standing and drinking water might help rid your thirst, but it cannot give you essential minerals that are necessary for your body to function correctly.

Conclusion About The Dangers Of Drinking Water While Standing:

As Ayurveda teaches us the ideal way to drink water, it is our responsibility to start regulating this habit in us. Standing and drinking can have adverse effects on our health and our bodily organs leaving them permanently damaged. It is up to us that how we drink water in that can be beneficial to our body. So, it’s time to change your incorrect way of drinking water for a healthier future.

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