This Is What Happens To Your Body After You Quit Smoking

Addiction is one of the most growing problems amongst young generations. Young adults tend to start things as enjoyment but end up getting addicted, like smoking.

Smoking has been a major problem around the globe, affecting many lives in a most terrible way. Knowing the consequences of smoking, people still smoke cigarettes and suffer some of the most dangerous health issues. Teenagers and young adults are getting more comfortable with cigarette smoking, unknown to the fact that this addiction can cause some major health issues.


While the young generation is getting used too with smoking, some people are quitting cigarettes because of the ill effects it has been having on their health. Quitting smoking is one of most important thing an individual can do for a longer living and healthy body functioning.

Benefits Of Quitting Smoking:

After reaching the certain point of life, your enjoyment of smoking starts to show its true colors. When people begin to suffer health issues, they decide to drop their smoking habit. But how can one quit smoking? These are few things that can help a person to walk through his No-Smoking plans:

  • Strong will-power
  • Healthy support
  • Control over cravings
  • Confidence

Confidence To Quit Smoking

These can be few of the things that can help you pass through your addiction. And when you pass through you no-smoking plan, you benefit with:

  • Improved Blood and immune system
  • Enhances DNA
  • Prevention of lungs damage
  • Increased hormones and estrogen levels
  • Sexual healing
  • Improved face and head functioning
  • Decreases heart risks

But what really happens when you stop smoking? What are the changes that an individual goes through internally after he quits smoking? These are some of the questions we usually ask when we think of holding back out our smoking habits.

Changes After Quitting Cigarettes:

As cigarette smoking has become the leading health issue affecting many young and innocent lives, it is better to know where to draw the line between addiction and enjoyment. Many people plan to quit smoking but they are always skeptical about their plan, its improvement and benefits about body healing and restoring to healthy life.

Quit Smoking

Many fear that their body might take longer time for improvement and settle to being healthy. But you should know that health benefits can begin after having your last cigarette, giving and improving your body. As soon as you stop smoking, here are the changes your body can feel:

In 20 Minutes:

In this time or less than that, your body can see the improvement in your blood pressure and pulses. Your blood pressure and pulse rate come back to normal, giving your feet and hands their usual body temperature.

After 1 hour:

In an hour, a person can notice an improvement in blood circulation in his body. There is more improvement in the pulse rate and blood pressure when a person does not smoke for one hour.

After 8 hours:

Your blood has less or half amount of harmful substances like carbon monoxide and nicotine. Your oxygen level gets back to its original form as the harmful and toxic chemical levels get down. During this hour, you might get the crave for smoking, but it will last for hardly 5-10 minutes. If you can get through this time, you can probably help your body recover more.

In 12 Hours:

Your body starts to recover, bring the levels of carbon monoxide to normal in just a half day. There is an improvement in heart functioning, with regular pumping because of enough oxygen present in the body.

Healthy Heart Pumping

After 24 Hours:

As you achieve 24 hours without smoking, your heart starts to feel better. Not smoking for just 24 hours can reduce your chances of having a heart attack. After your first day without smoking, you will experience a decrease in your blood pressure which usually is higher in smokers. Your oxygen levels improve to a certain level which enables you to be more active and perform healthy physical activities. All these are good signs for a healthy heart.

After 2 Days:

Over a period of time, smokers lose their sense of taste and smell. This is because of the damage done to the nerve endings. As its already 2 days of giving up cigarettes, an individual can notice an improvement in the sense of smell and stimulating tastes. This is because your nerves have started healing. During this period, you will start losing mucus & the excess nicotine from your lungs.

After 3 Days:

As your plan of quit smoking reaches the end of the third day, you will notice an increase in energy levels in you. Now, It will be easier for you to breathe compared to your smoking days. As your body got rid of the harmful substances, your lungs start to recover and gets on track. This is the time when the craving for cigarettes is more. You might get irritated and get headaches, but if you stick to your plan and divert your mind from these things, you can gift yourself a healthy life.

After 1 Month:

Your lung capacity is increasing as it is healing faster now. The coughing and shortness of breath are now reduced. There can be a substantial improvement in the functioning of your lungs. There is an improvement in cardiovascular activities and athletic endurance in an individual compared to his smoking days. For next few months of quitting cigarettes, the body circulations continue to improve and recover more.

Healthy Cardiovascular Activities

After 9 Months:

In these nine months of quitting smoking, there is a significant recovery in the body both physically and mentally. The improvement in lungs and its functioning helps to combat any infections and a person can have fewer lung infections.

After 1 Year:

With dropping smoking for a year now, a person has decreased the rate of heart diseases in him by half, and this can get more reduced in coming years.

As cigarette smoking causes various harmful things to your body, it is time that we should stop smoking for the betterment of yourselves and your family. Many people are suffering harmful diseases due to their excessive smoking habits; it is our responsibility that we stand for ourselves and get rid off things that tries bring us down.

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