Viantis Advanced Blend: Male Enhancement Review

Viantis Advanced Blend is a male enhancement pill that claims to be popular with men because of its ‘free-trial’ and ‘side-effect free’ results.

But is this sexual health booster really as good as some of the Viantis reviews claim?

And should you consider trying this natural sex pill yourself?

Read this in-depth review to find out.

Viantis Advanced Blend
And before you continue, know that I haven’t had the opportunity to give this product a try.

It’s only available with a trial offer, which I discovered after tried buy it directly from the manufacturers. I didn’t go for this offer as I’m not comfortable with online trial offers as many of them turn out to be scams.

I even checked on Amazon and eBay to found out if this product is worth using, but found no sellers for Viantis. 

Since I couldn’t find a way to try the product out myself, I have had to get the information from the manufacturer’s site.

However, I have also submitted a conclusion and recommendation of this review for your benefit.

Viantis Advanced Blend:

Viantis Advanced Blend seems to be a sexual performance enhancer that’s made from natural ingredients and comes with a few attractive advantages.

Some of these claims include an increase in penis size, erection health, sexual stamina, and higher libido.

Additionally, you don’t need a doctor’s prescription to buy this supplement. It also comes with discreet shipping to protect privacy.

However, buying this pill is difficult as it is only available on its manufacturer’s site with a risk-free trial offer. This makes it impossible to buy two bottles at a time.

Who Should Use Viantis Advanced Blend?

Viantis is exclusively for adult men. But the manufacturer’s site claims that this product is most effective for men who want to:

  • Improve their sexual performance
  • Protect themselves from sexual health issues (like erectile dysfunction)
  • Get a bigger penis size (both length and girth)
  • Experience the next level of sex drive
  • Have more energy and passion during sex
  • Supercharge their bedroom game without worrying about side effects

And like other male enhancement pills, this one too isn’t recommended to women or children, unless prescribed by a doctor.

Note that the potential benefits that this product claims to provide are the same as other sexual health boosters. This one even states that you will get a bigger penis, a claim that very few products are capable of satisfying. 

How Does Viantis Advanced Blend Work?

  • Increases Testosterone Levels:
    The ingredients used are said to include several testosterone boosters that improve the body’s natural testosterone production. This combats the signs of low Testosterone levels many suffer from, including poor libido, weak orgasms, subpar erections, and poor mood. We also know that testosterone also helps to support sexual performance by improving erection health and supporting health erections.
  • Increases nitric oxide levels:
    The ingredients used also may include a few that are effective nitric oxide boosters. The increase in nitrogen retention in the body promotes vasodilation, causing the blood vessels to dilate and blood flow to be improved. This leads to harder and longer lasting erections.

Note that I didn’t find the full list of ingredients for this product on the official site. The only ingredients that I could find were Tongkat Ali and Tribulus Terrestris. And that too was only mentioned on the product image.

Which Ingredients Are Used In Viantis?

  • Tongkat Ali:
    Tongkat Ali is also known as Eurycoma Longifolia and is a potent testosterone booster for men. It is also proven to improve sexual health, libido, and mood.
  • Tribulus Terrestris:
    Tribulus Terrestris is a nitric oxide booster that is proven to improve sexual stamina, energy, and Additionally, this ingredient is also clinically proven to boost serum testosterone levels in men.
Note that a clear list of ingredients (with ingredient concentrations) isn’t provided on the official site. So, there may be more than the two ingredients I’ve mentioned above.

And we also don’t know exactly how much of each ingredient is present in the supplement.

What Are The Claimed Benefits Of Viantis Advanced Blend?

  • Heightened libido
  • Greater passion and desire for sex
  • Better recovery and higher levels of sexual energy
  • Improved staying power
  • Combats premature ejaculation
  • May help to last 5X longer than usual
  • Rock-hard erections
  • Engorged penis with bigger erections
  • Improved sexual satisfaction
  • Enhanced sexual confidence
  • Improved mood
  • Increased penis length and girth

Viantis Male Enhancement Benefits

This list of claimed benefits has been compiled from the official website for your convenience. Some of these benefits are achievable, and some are plausible while others are almost impossible to achieve. Which ones you manage to get depend on several factors, including your health, physical fitness, sexual health, and testosterone levels.

This product also claims to be ‘The Number One Male Enhancement Pill In The US’ but provides no supporting proof. And the fact that I couldn’t even find a proper review on Reddit and Amazon refutes this claim. 

You have to be cautious about products like Viantis that boast about claims and benefits that don’t have any proof. 

Does Viantis Advanced Blend Work?

A single box of Viantis Male Enhancement comes with 60 capsules that make up a 30-day supply. This ends up with a daily dosage (one serving) of two pills. According to the supplement packaging, each serving of Viantis contains a potent 478 mg of sexual health-boosting ingredients.

I didn’t find any specifications about the dosage for this product on the manufacturer’s site. I deduced the dosage based on the number of pills per bottle and the number of days each bottle is said to last. There’s also the fact that most similar products also come with the same dosage. 

As for when to take the dosage, experts suggest with breakfast. However, I have found that taking sexual health booster pills 30 minutes before sex improves sexual performance.

Where To Buy Viantis?

The only place that sells Viantis Advanced Blend is the manufacturer’s site.

Additionally, there is only a risk-free trial offer that is available for new users. This means that anyone who wants to buy this product will end up disappointed.

According to the information on the manufacturer’s site, you only need to pay a nominal shipping charge to try this product.

However, it doesn’t clearly say anything about:

  • When the trial period starts and ends
  • How to cancel the trial
  • The price of the product if you like the product

All this info is in the terms and conditions page hidden under the fine print where you probably won’t bother reading it.

In the end, this means is that those who aren’t aware end up being charged for the 30-day supply once the 14-day trial period has expired.

Further, the trial offer also signs you up for their auto-shipping program which sends you a 30-day supply of Viantis Male Enhancement pills every 30 days. And while this subscription can be canceled, it’s not easy with many users being forced to cancel their credit cards to stop the payments.

What’s The Conclusion To This Viantis Review?

Looking at the pricing structure of this product, it’s clear that the customer is on the losing end of this deal. Its lack of crucial information on the ingredients, their concentrations, benefits, side effects, and real user reviews prompts me to not recommend you buy Viantis Male Enhancement with this risk-free trial offer.

Not Approved

But if you want a similar male enhancement supplement that is more affordable, can be purchased directly, doesn’t come with recurring/hidden charges, and provides superior results, get Male Extra.

Viantis Advanced Blend Alternative: Male Extra

Male Extra is the top male enhancement supplement on

This supplement is made from a well-reputed manufacturer (Wolfson Berg Ltd.) and provides the same (plus more) benefits as Viantis. Further, it’s made from natural ingredients that have been clearly indicated.

Over 100,000 users have tried, tested, and benefited from using Male Extra and its set of top-tier ingredients.

Male Extra

You can also buy Male Extra directly without dealing with recurring/subscription charges.

The best deals for buying Male Extra:

  • $64.95 for one bottle
  • $197.95 for four bottles with 1 Pro Erection Gel Free
  • $249.90 for six bottles with 2 Pro Erection Gel Free
To conclude, if you are looking for a quality male enhancement pill, get Male Extra.

Read The In-Depth Male Extra Review

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