Viasil: My Personal Review On These Fast-Acting Male Enhancement Pills

Viasil is a male enhancement supplement that may have the potential to revolutionize the sexual health industry.

This multi-million dollar industry brings out tens of new sexual health aids daily with most having average or below-average quality.

However, once in a while, we are introduced to a male enhancement supplement that seems to tick all the right boxes and works in theory and in real life; one of which is Viasil.


Still, Viasil is a long way away from achieving such an achievement. However, independent reviewers have been raving about this product as of late. And their feedback was so positive that I felt many of them had been paid to say what they did.

So, I did something I have usually done over my years of researching health supplements.

I tried Viasil myself!!!

Here’s Why I Tried Viasil Myself:

I’ve read many of Viasil reviews for that are available online. However, I realized that none of the reviewers had tried Viasil themselves.

While the word on the streets is that this is a great pill, is it really?

We don’t know for sure. So, I decided to give this male enhancement pill a try.

Another reason for my decision is that I think that Viasil may replace Male Extra on my Top Male Enhancement Products list.

And if I am going to make such a decision, I have to ensure that I am 100% sure of this product working as claimed.

The third reason for trying Viasil is that this may be a true ‘Viagra-replacement’ that won’t require us to get a doctor’s prescription to buy.

I don’t think having sexual health problems is something to be embarrassed about. Many men aren’t comfortable talking to doctors about their problems and the potential solutions. This is where non-prescription pills like Viasil come in.

A Note From Me Before You Read Any Further:

Here are a few points that you should understand about me and my use of Viasil:

  • I’m in my early 30s and don’t have any sexual health problems (Erectile Dysfunction, Infertility, Premature Ejaculation, etc).
  • I got the 5-Box (50 pills) deal but wrote this Viasil review after only using 1 Box.
  • I have an active (and satisfactory) sex life but haven’t managed to last all night long like the porno-guys (lol)

Viasil – The Supplement Name Can Be Confusing:

When I first checked online on some background info on Viasil, I found another product that had the same name, which was confusing.

The other product (Sildenafil) is a prescription pill for erectile dysfunction sold in Venezuela.

But both the pills are unrelated and shouldn’t be confused.
The tablet (Viasil by Swiss Research Labs) I tried doesn’t require a prescription and is made using herbal ingredients instead of the chemical compounds in the Venezuelan sex pill.

So, What Is Viasil?

As stated earlier, Viasil is a non-prescription sexual performance booster.

This dietary supplement focuses on achieving this goal by:

  1. Increasing oxygen and blood delivery for improved erections and performance.
  2. Improving energy levels for better, longer-lasting sex.

According to the official website, Viasil is capable of providing the mentioned benefits using its unique set of ingredients. These include the clinically proven proprietary blend Actiful®, an innovative citrus and pomegranate complex.

Additionally, this supplement also contains some of our popular male enhancement ingredients like Horny goat weed, Tribulus terrestris, Panax ginseng, and Gingko Biloba to name a few. I’ll talk about the list of ingredients later.

Package Delivery And The Makers Of Viasil:

When I got my package of Viasil the next day (with their free next day delivery), I found that I got the discreet packaging by default.

So, no worries about ending up embarrassed in front of the whole family when your package is delivered.

Additionally, I noticed that the box mentioned ‘Viasil by Swiss Research Labs’ but the back mentions Wolfson Berg Ltd. with a Cyprus address.

I didn’t find a lot of information on Swiss Research Labs, so I decided to ask the manufacturers about this issue:

Viasil Live Chat - Manufacturer Of Viasil By Swiss Research Labs

So, apparently, Viasil is researched and developed by Swiss Research Labs for Wolfson Berg Ltd. who own the product.

I contacted Wolfson Berg Ltd. via their live chat on their official website.

However, you can contact the manufacturer of Viasil by:

  • Email:
  • Phone: +44 (0)203 476 7459
  • HQ Address: WOLFSON BERG LIMITED Archiep. Makariou III, 124 JOC BUSINESS CENTER Kiti, 7550, Larnaca Cyprus

What Did I Find About How Viasil Works?

To truly understand how Viasil works, I had to do a little research on the list of ingredients mentioned on the box.

My research told me that the core of this sex pill is the proprietary Actiful® blend.

The Actiful blend is a Citrus Sinensis and Pomegranate complex that works in synergy to provide immediate energy and power with extended endurance and stamina.

Both components also excel at improving Nitric oxide levels, promoting blood flow due to vasodilation.

And as we know, vasodilation allows more blood to be pumped into the penis’ Corpora Cavernosa chambers, engorging the penis with blood and providing rock-hard erections.

Additionally, the dilated blood vessels allow for higher energy levels, power, stamina, and endurance.

The Actiful blend also increases energy levels by increasing ATP production in the mitochondria. And when combined with the benefits of higher NO levels, we end up with improved sexual performance.

Most people who read the detailed science behind such pills often end up more confused than before they started reading. This is why I’ve tried to keep the information as simple as possible. However, if you want the detailed look at how this sexual health booster works, do visit the official site.

Are The Mentioned Ingredients In Viasil Clinically Proven?

I checked each of the mentioned ingredients and the claim of being clinically tested and proven. In the end, I decided to compile a summary list of the clinical studies that describe the effects of each ingredient. I’ve also provided links to the studies if you want to read them yourself.

Also mentioned is the concentration of each ingredient (or its equivalent as a whole herb) per serving of Viasil, totaling a serving of 850 mg.

Actiful® (700 mg) (Citrus Sinensis & Pomegranate Complex):

  • A six-week double-blind study found that a 450 mg dose of Actiful improves blood flow in human trials.
  • A four-week study conducted on 39 active participants in a 10-minute exercise test found Actiful have a beneficial effect on the participants’ aerobic and anaerobic energy systems.

Citrus Sinensis & Pomegranate Complex in Viasil

Horny Goat Weed (1000 mg):

  • A study has found Icariin (the active ingredient in Horny goat weed) has helped improve sexual health and promote ‘free’ testosterone
  • Another study has found Icariin to promote nitric oxide level and combat erectile dysfunction.
  • A research publication also details the potential of Icariin providing neurotrophic effects to combat ED caused by nerve injuries.

Viasil Ingredient - Horny Goat Weed

Tribulus Terrestris (300 mg):

  • A 2012 study evaluated the effects of Tribulus Terrestris on 72 patients and their sperm count. The researchers found this ingredient to improve total sperm count in the 60-day
  • A 12-week study found men with mild to moderate Erectile dysfunction experience a significant improvement in sexual function, intercourse satisfaction, sexual desire, orgasmic function, and overall satisfaction.
  • A 2016 study found Tribulus Terrestris to have nitric oxide boosting abilities along with androgen enhancing benefits.
  • Another 2014 study concluded that this ingredient promotes testosterone levels without causing adverse reactions.
  • A 2012 publication states that TT can act as a sexual enhancer and may combat sexual dysfunction in males.

Viasil Ingredient - Tribulus Terrestris

Panax Ginseng (400 mg):

  • The 2002 publication found Ginseng to be an effective alternative to combating erectile dysfunction.
  • Another study (12-week duration) found Korean Red Ginseng to be able to combat erectile dysfunction.
  • Panax Ginseng is also proven to improve prostate health in males.

Viasil Ingredient - Panax Ginseng

Ginkgo Biloba (240 mg):

  • One study found that regularly taking Ginkgo Biloba improved sexual desire, erections, orgasms, and afterglow.
  • This ingredient is proven to improve nitric oxide level to boost sex drive and sexual performance.

Viasil Ingredient - Ginkgo Biloba

Zinc (1.5 mg):

  • A Study found Zinc to improve serum testosterone levels while combating oxidative damage due to free radicals.
  • Zinc also shows promise in studies that assess its ability to combat sexual dysfunction.

Viasil Ingredient - Zinc

Comparing The Claimed Benefits With The Benefits I Experienced With Viasil:

List Of Claimed Benefits For Viasil:

My Experience With Viasil:

Provides longer-lasting erectionsI felt this to be the most significant benefit I experienced
Harder erectionsThis is one benefit I noticed from the first use
Improved libidoMy sex drive is healthy enough for this benefit not to be noticeable
Higher energy levelsI felt a little more pumped up and eager for sex
Greater intensity during sexI felt more in-control and alpha
Improved enduranceNoticed a 30% improvement in sex duration
More intense orgasmsNot a significant difference with this one
Improved overall sexual performanceI did notice my sexual performance improve over the period

How Many Viasil Pills Did I Take A Day?

When I got the pills, I was slightly confused with the recommended dosage.

In a single box, you only get 10 pills with the instructions to take the single pill 30 minutes before activity (that’s the polite way they say ‘sex’).

This recommended dosage should also not be extended.

So, no taking more than one pill a day, even if you and your partner are in the mood to go for round two.

Additionally, you shouldn’t need to take a second pill in a single day either as the benefits of the first pill should last for a long time.

I talked to a customer service executive on the official site’s live chat regarding the dosage:

Viasil Live Chat - Can You Take Viasil Every Day

It seems that you aren’t required to take Viasil daily. You can also take it every day for maximum benefits, but I found that taking them on alternate days works to provide similar results too.

Did I Experience Any Side Effects After Using Viasil Male Potency Formula?

When I used the supplement myself, I only took the recommended one pill half an hour before having sex. And even after finishing the whole strip over two weeks, I didn’t experience any adverse reactions or side effects.

This is box title

Viasil Live Chat - Does Viasil Cause Side Effects

How Did Taking Viasil Feel Like?

I’ve tried a lot of supplements in my lifetime, especially as a supplement reviewer.

Most products look and taste about the same: big (pill size) and awful (taste).

Unlike other similar male enhancement supplements, Viasil comes in a tablet form instead of as a capsule. It’s also taste-neutral and much better than some pills I’ve had the displeasure of trying.

Now, as for the benefits I experienced, I am satisfied. However, I don’t have any sexual problems, and I consider myself to be fit and healthy enough to be in my sexual prime.

So, I don’t think that I got to experience the full extent of Viasil’s benefits.

Has Viasil Helped My Member Increase In Size?

Well, I only used the pills for two weeks. So, if I told you it increased my size, you would call me a liar.

Therefore, no, Viasil did not increase my penis size.

However, unlike Male Extra, this supplement doesn’t go around promising such a benefit either. If you are considering this product, it’s best to focus on the fast-acting sexual performance boost you are in for.

But if you want to increase your size, here’s a way you can .

Will I Buy More Viasil Male Enhancement Pills?

I don’t really need to use these pills regularly to provide my partner with satisfying sex. However, my partner and I enjoyed the added advantages this sex pill gave me.

While I don’t think I’ll be buying additional boxes of Viasil, we plan to enjoy finishing the remaining four boxes. So yes, unlike lot of other male enhancement products.. this one does NOT go in the bin. Infact, I have a special space near my bed for Viasil.

Does Viasil Provide Permanent Sexual Performance Benefits?

I have to be honest with you about this.

You are going to have a hard time finding a pill that will give you the claimed benefits permanently without any severe side effects.

The only way I can think of to improve sexual performance permanently is to eliminate the sexual problem that is causing your performance to suffer. For some, this means increasing testosterone levels while for others, it’s talking to their doctor about hormone therapy.

That said, Viasil does provide sexual performance benefits that can improve overall sexual health.

However, to get the maximum benefits, you will need to take the supplement regularly or when you want the boost.

Fortunately, the natural ingredients ensure that you can enjoy the pill’s sexual performance benefits in the long-run without experiencing any side effects.

Does Viasil Price Make It Worth Buying?

One thing I have learned over the years reviewing supplements: If you find a product that’s perfect for you, the price is irrelevant.

And for guys that will benefit from such a sex pill, any cost is worth spending for the right set of results.

Fortunately, Viasil isn’t extremely expensive either.

How Much Is It To Buy Viasil?

  • 1 Box (10 tablets) costs US$74.99
  • 3 Box (30 tablets) costs US$149.99 (US$49.99 per box)
  • 5 Box (50 tablets) costs US$209.99 (US$41.99 per box)

Note that I bought the 5-box deal (best deal) for Viasil directly from the official website.

I checked out the other e-commerce sites like Amazon, eBay, and GNC but didn’t find this male enhancement supplement there.

So, if you want to give Viasil go, you are going to have to do the same as me and order from the manufacturer’s site.

Is There Any Risk In Buying Viasil Online?

I’ll be the first to admit that there are quite a few dodgy deals and products sold online. These products tempt us with some ‘too good to be true’ deals and offers that are too hard to resist.

And once we give in to our greed, they charge us through the nose and scam us of our hard-earned money.

However, Viasil is one of the few that provides quality products without scamming users because:

  • There’s a 60-day money-back guarantee that gives a no questions asked full refund if you aren’t 100% satisfied with the results.
  • Each order is a single transaction with no recurring charges or subscription enrolments.
  • The manufacturer (Wolfson Berg Ltd.) is well-reputed with over ten years in the business as a quality supplement maker.

Is Discreet Shipping Guaranteed?

A big concern for men who hesitate to buy online male enhancement pills is the lack of privacy during delivery.

And while several manufacturers provide discreet shipping, they charge you a premium for the facility.

However, as I found out myself, Viasil provides discreet shipping for every order, with no extra cost.

I also confirmed this fact with the customer service executive on their Live Chat:

Viasil Live Chat - Does Viasil Guarantee Discreet Shipping

What Are My Thoughts On Viasil Erectile Dysfunction Pills?

When I started to try this sex pill myself, I had a few questions in mind I wanted to solve:

  1. I didn’t find any real user reviews on Viasil. So, I have just written this review about using the pills myself.
  2. I wanted to find out if this pill can replace Male Extra on my Top Male Enhancement Products While I found Viasil to be an effective sex pill, I will need to use it for a few more weeks to confirm its spot as the number one male enhancement pill on
  3. I intended to see if this is a viable non-prescription Viagra-alternative. My preliminary analysis provides a positive evaluation of this product. However, I haven’t used Viagra myself, and I don’t know how the pills compare. I plan to see if I can find user reviews by guys who have used both to proceed with this line of inquiry.

The Pros Of Buying Viasil:

  • Fast-acting results
  • Improves sexual performance with zero side effects
  • Manufactured by a well-reputed supplement maker
  • Contains no GMOs and is suitable for both vegans and vegetarians
  • Multi-buy deals and coupon discounts available on the official site
  • Discreet packaging and FREE next day delivery as standard
  • Comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • All orders eligible for the 60-day money-back guarantee

The Cons Of Buying Viasil:

  • No other independent first-person user reviews available (at the time of writing this review)
  • Expensive if used daily at $4.20-$7.50 per tablet (depending on the chosen option)
  • Only available on the official site (at least for the time being)

My Final Verdict On You Buying Viasil:

Viasil is a quality product that I have used for two weeks with complete satisfaction.

There is little that I have found lacking with this male enhancement supplement.

However, you and I are different, with different problems, needs, and goals for this product.

To simplify, I would recommend you buy Viasil if any of the following describes your situation:
  • You want a natural sexual performance booster that works quickly
  • You are getting older and aren’t fully able to keep up with your younger/more adventurous partner
  • Your husband/boyfriend/partner is struggling with performance anxiety and needs a pick-me-up
  • You’re looking for a prescription-free alternative to Viagra
  • You need a long-term solution to poor sexual performance

That said, you can also use Viasil like I do and enjoy the rock-hard erections and enhanced endurance with a big grin on your face, even if you’re in your sexual prime.

However, do keep in mind that these pills aren’t cheap and limited to being sold on the official website.

So, if you’re serious about turning your sex life around for the better, head over to the official site for a closer look at Viasil and all its sexual performance benefits.


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