Winsol Review – Crazy Bulk Legal Alternative To Winstrol

Winsol helps with Bulking and Cutting, the two processes required to increase muscle size and sculpt the perfect physique.

Bulking helps you gain protein and carbs which are then converted into muscle mass through intense exercises at the gym.

Winsol Review

Comparatively, the Cutting process gets rid of the excess fat covering up the muscles that you just built during Bulking.

Cutting is the bodybuilding secret that professionals like models and celebrities use to get lean and look sexy.

In fact, many reviews online have found Winsol to help you achieve this result without spending a fortune.

What Is Winsol?

Winsol is a 100% legal steroid that has been designed with the intention of replacing the more harmful Winstrol anabolic steroid.

In any event, this legal steroid and other Crazy Bulk legal steroids are made by Wolfson Berg Limited.

The legal steroid works like an anabolic steroid. Albeit without any of the adverse side effects of the artificially created anabolic steroids.

Similarity, its designed to help retain lean muscle while cutting the excess fat.

Consequently, you can get those well-defined abs you have always wanted at the beach.

Best of all, Winsol can be used by both men and women. This is rare for bodybuilding products which are often more focused on their male users.

How Does Winsol Work?

This fat burner is used by athletes and bodybuilders to achieve professional-grade results without resorting to illegal steroids.

Winsol works well to help you get rid of the excess body fat.

This product, however, preserves muscle mass while helping you cut excess fat to reveal your lean muscle tone.

According to the Crazy Bulk website, this legal steroid is ideal for those who want to become stronger, faster and more powerful, but also get a low-fat BMI like for track and field athletes.

Winsol works by improving the cutting process by reducing the stubborn water retention that makes cutting difficult.

After using Winsol, your muscle to fat ratio will increase, improving with your vascularity as well.

This allows you to show off your ripped body and physique at the gym, beach, and anywhere else you want.

Winsol Results

Winsol Benefits

If asked about why I consider this legal steroid over other bodybuilding supplements, I would point to the benefits.

Some of these benefits are obvious while others are less known to most users.

The list of key benefits of Winsol:

  • Legal Alternative To Winstrol (Stanozolol):
    As previously mentioned, this is a legal alternative to Winstrol. This pill provides the same cutting and lean muscle benefits, but without the negative side effects. It’s popular with men and women because it’s easy to buy and use while being 100% legal worldwide.
  • Accelerated Weight Loss And Fat Burn:
    The primary goal of this legal steroid is to aid in your fat burn and weight loss. This pill is especially effective against getting rid of water weight and stubborn fat. The biggest reason people use this steroid over similar cutting supplements is that it prevents lean muscle loss.
  • Increased Energy And Workout Performance:
    It’s clear that weight loss is initiated because of a sharp rise in the body’s metabolism. This increased metabolism allows more fat to be burnt. This fat is then converted into energy. Your body then uses this energy to improve your stamina, recovery, endurance, strength and physical performance.
  • Enhances Vascularity To Give You A Ripped Physique:
    The accelerated fat burn and improved workout performance will show results quickly. These results will be regarding improved vascularity. This is possible because the fat burn helps improve your muscle-to-fat ratio. With less fat covering the lean muscles, your ripped muscles are more noticeable.

What Did We Like?

There are many benefits and advantages when buying Winsol that we found out ourselves, here they are in list form:

  • Improves muscle to fat ratio.
  • A safe and legal alternative to Winstrol (Stanozolol).
  • Purchasable without a prescription.
  • Cuts fat while retaining lean muscle.
  • Gives ripped muscles.
  • Doesn’t cause side effects.
  • Improves natural metabolic rate.
  • Improves energy levels.
  • Helps improve vascularity.
  • Works within just 30 days.
  • Makes you stronger, faster and harder.
  • Free worldwide delivery.

Winsol Benefits

What Didn’t We Like?

Similarly, here is a list of the few things that we didn’t like about Winsol:

  • Isn’t available at GNC.
  • Only available online and not in-store.
  • Manufacturers don’t provide trial offers.

Who Is Winsol For?

Most of the Crazy Bulk legal steroids that we have seen are geared towards men.

These usually contain proprietary blends that promote the natural levels of testosterone production that aids in bodybuilding.

But Winsol is one of the few that breaks from this mold.

This is because women can also use this product without experiencing any disadvantages. This is even after finding out that this pill contains some testosterone promoting ingredients.

According to the experts, the blend used for creating Winsol contains low levels of these testosterone-friendly ingredients. And the main goal of these ingredients is not to boost testosterone but to prevent muscle mass deterioration.

So, it’s safe and works for both adult men and women.

Who Is Winsol Not For?

For some people, they are better off not wasting their money on buying legal steroids. This is because these pills require input from you to work.

This input is a lot more than other reviewers and reviews would admit too. But the fact is that if you don’t put in any effort, you aren’t going to get any gains.

Winsol is not for people who:

  • Are Lazy
  • Don’t want to exercise but want the results
  • Want to lose weight while still being able to binge-eat
  • Are only looking for a shortcut to getting a six-pack
  • Are expecting a lean and muscular physique overnight (or within a few days)

Who Is This Product Perfect For?

While Winsol works for men and women, it isn’t necessarily the perfect product for all men and women.

What I mean is, this pill requires you to put in effort and exercise to get the results you want. So, just sitting on the couch taking pills won’t provide you the results you want.

Winsol is perfect for you if you are:
  • Someone who is focused at cutting off the fat and getting lean
  • Willing to put in the work and hit the gym at least five times a week to see results
  • Someone who is alright with the product taking a few weeks to show its benefits
  • Someone who isn’t afraid of a challenge and not looking for a shortcut to success
  • Willing to keep going until you reach your fitness goals, regardless of adversity

If any of these statements should like you, Winsol is the right choice for you.

Winsol Dosage:

Crazy Bulk legal steroids are well-known for their multi-pill dosage requirements. This is something most people don’t like but put up. Probably due to the well-reputed manufacturer, positive benefits, and lack of side effects.

As for Winsol, the daily dosage is three pills a day.

However, what’s unique about this is that you don’t have to take it in the morning or before/after your workout. It’s meant to be taken with your main meal of the day, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

This is arranged as such because the legal steroid doesn’t activate within a set period. It slowly builds up in the body, improving metabolism, speeding up fat burn, and aiding in the cutting process.

How Long Should These Pills Be Used For Before Stopping?

Experts recommend you work out for 2 months followed by a 1.5-week break from the pills.

They suggest you follow this pattern until you experience the fat loss and muscle gain you are looking for.

However, it’s not required for you to stop after two months of use due to the lack of side effects.

The key factor to remember is that you should use this legal steroid to achieve your cutting goal before stopping.

You can still stop using them before you reach the goal and restart later. But this will delay the results you get.

Can Women Stack Winsol With Other Cutting Legal Steroids?

Due to popular demand, the manufacturers have created a new Legal Steroid Stack, especially for women.

Each Crazy Bulk Female Cutting Stack comes with:

  1. Winsol (1 bottle)
  2. Anvarol (1 bottle)
  3. Clenbutrol (1 bottle)
  4. Cutting Guide

All three of these legal steroids are 100% safe for women. They are also designed to promote cutting fat while maintaining muscle mass.

So, women should expect a lean and sexy figure quickly as this stack should provide faster fat loss.

Winsol Ingredients?

All Crazy Bulk Legal Steroids are found to contain 100% natural ingredients.

The list of ingredients in Winsol by Crazy Bulk:

  • Wild Yam Root:
    Mexican Wild Yam is another name for Wild Yam Root.  It reduces inflammations and fatigue from workouts. It contains DHEA precursors that improve hormone production, liver function, blood flow, and muscle recovery.
  • Acetyl L- Carnitine:
    Acetyl L- Carnitine is an amino acid which helps increase lean muscle while reducing fat buildup. This ingredient also helps boost endurance and stamina while giving bigger pumps during workouts. It works by converting stored fat into energy, improves recovery and improves blood flow.
    A 2011 study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition by Malaguarnera evaluated the effects of ALC on fatigue. The study concluded that those treated with ALC experienced an increase in physical activity and a decline in fatigue.
  • Choline Bitartrate:
    Choline is converted into the neurotransmitter, Acetylcholine (ACh). This neurotransmitter is responsible for our feelings of well-being and alertness. This ingredient is also a liver health agent which helps reduce the buildup of fats by converting them into energy.
  • DMAE:
    DMAE stands for Dimethylaminoethanol. Its a naturally produced antioxidant and a precursor for Acetylcholine neurotransmitter. It is responsible for keeping your motivation and concentration up as well as increasing energy reserves while you are cutting.
  • Safflower Oil Powder (Linoleic acid):
    Linoleic acid is converted into CLA (Conjugated Linoleic acid). This is a naturally occurring fatty acid that helps increase lean body mass while reducing their fat mass.

Winsol Ingredients

Who Are The Makers?

Wolfson Berg Ltd. owns and markets the Crazy Bulk products line. This company is well-known and highly reputed in the supplements industry. Their headquarters are in Cyprus and a customer service center is in the United States. They can be contacted by email (support[at] and on the phone (+1 (646) 893 7753), as well as their office addresses:

Headquarters Contact Details:
Archiep. Makariou III, 124
Kiti, 7550, Larnaca
Customer Support Contact Details:
244 Madison Avenue
10016-2817 New York City
United States

Is Winsol A Scam?

Some people claim Winsol to be a scam because they didn’t see any overnight results.

These people mistake this bodybuilding aid as a miracle pill and expect exaggerated results. They are often those who aren’t willing to go to the gym, exercise and promote their fat loss.

Remember that this is a cutting aid and needs you to hit the gym and burn fat for visible results. It only magnifies the results that you were expecting in the first place.

Several user testimonials can also be found online that back up the claims made by the official site.

Is Winsol The Right Choice For Beginners Looking To Get A Six-Pack?

Winsol is a quality product that is worth using for both professionals and novices.

For beginners, this product can help aid their body’s natural fat burning process to stimulate faster fat loss. It also ensures that the lean muscle mass that is already produced or present isn’t damaged or declines.

Better yet, it also supports testosterone levels so that you don’t have to guzzle protein shakes for muscle gain.

However, one point that beginners need to understand is these pills don’t work automatically. Only working out at the gym while taking these pills will help you get a six-pack quickly.

What About Shipping Times, Returns & Refunds?

It takes 24-48 hours to dispatch the package for delivery.

The time Winsol takes to reach you depends on the delivery region:

  • UK: 3-7 days
  • Canada/Australia/World: 5-15 working days
  • Europe: 3-10 working days
  • US: 3-7 days

Refunds are possible for unopened bottles if you have received your order in the past seven days, just email the customer service center (cs[at] to start the simple and easy refund procedure.

Where Can You Purchase Winsol?

Winsol is only available online from the official website and is priced at $82.00 for Retailers while the online price is $61.99 which helps you save $20.01.

You may also get Winsol along with Anvarol, Testo-Max, and Clenbutrol if you decide to buy the full Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack for $184.99. Purchasing the Cutting Stack even gives you 8 Free Training & Nutrition Guides.

There is also the Crazy Bulk Female Cutting Stack for $ 122.99 available on the official site. This one comes with a free cutting guide alongside a bottle each of Winsol, Anvarol, and Clenbutrol.

Note, to avoid fake and counterfeit products, avoid buying from Amazon and eBay. Instead, buy Crazy Bulk steroids from the official site. 

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Are There Any Online Offers Available?

Yes, the manufacturers of Winsol give you the opportunity to Buy 2 and Get 1 Free. At the same time, this offer applies to all bodybuilding products from Crazy Bulk including individual bottles and complete stacks. For this purpose, just add three products to the shopping cart. This causes the system to charge you zero dollars for the cheapest product/stack in the cart.

Our Recommendation For Winsol?

Cutting is a very important part of the bodybuilding process. It helps show the world your sexy and lean physique, causing admiration and envy. Winsol is one of the many cutting products available online. Even so, it’s, without a doubt, one of the best legal steroids that does its job properly without side effects. It’s also very affordable and comes with deals for online customers.

I recommend Winsol for bodybuilding using goals its benefits, side effects, cost, and other factors to assess the legal steroid. So, if you are looking for our recommendation to buy Winsol, here you go. However, do remember only to buy the product from the manufacturer’s site to get the best online deals.

The FAQs:

Q: Can Winsol Really Provide The Same Benefits As Winstrol?

A: I found Winsol to provide Winstrol-like benefits. This conclusion was formed by looking at the ingredients, reviews, testimonials, and information provided on the manufacturer’s website. Thousands of users also attest to the effectivity of Winsol with many sites providing these user testimonials online.

Q: Should I Cycle Winsol Like With Winstrol?

A: You don’t need to cycle this product like with Winstrol because it causes zero side effects. In spite of this, Crazy Bulk PCT can speed up fatigue recovery after using Winsol for two months. Furthermore, you can continue using Winsol to get a ripped physique without an obligation of using PCT.

Q: How Fast Are Results Visible?

A: The official website states that it may take a couple of months to show results. However, some users have provided testimonials that mention experiencing the cutting benefits of Winsol within a few days and weeks.

Q: Are There Any Side Effects Of Using Winsol?

A: Taking the pills with the recommended dosage should not cause any side effects. User reviews have also supported this product and its lack of side effects.

Q: Can I Buy This From GNC?

A: GNC only sells self-made products. So, they don’t stock Winsol or any other Crazy Bulk product.

Q: Can Children Use This Pill To Lose Weight?

A: Children under 18 need their doctor’s consent before using Winsol.

Q: Are There Any Before And After Pictures Of People Using Winsol?

A: You can find these before and after pictures on the official site. This site also includes several real user testimonials for you to have a look at.

Q: Is This Legal To Take Before Bodybuilding Competitions?

A: You can since it doesn’t alter hormone levels while burning fat. On this occasion, it should give you the edge over your competitors in getting a well-defined physique.

Q: Can I Get The Buy 2 Get 1 Free Offer With Winsol And Other Legal Steroids?

A: If you want, you can add any three Crazy Bulk Legal Steroids or Stacks and have the product with the lowest price free of charge. For example, you can get one bottle of Winsol, Anvarol, and Clenbutrol each. Winsol costs USD 61.99, Anvarol costs USD 54.99 and Clenbutrol costs USD 61.99. So, if you add 3 products to the shopping cart, the lowest priced product becomes free. This will be Anvarol which costs USD 54.99 in this case. In total, this will cost USD 123.98.

Q: How To Buy Winsol?

A: If you want to buy Winsol, you have to ensure that you visit the official site as this is the only place where you can get fresh and authentic legal steroids from Crazy Bulk. Subsequently, this product is not available in brick-and-mortar stores.

Winsol Offers









Customer Reviews





  • Fast-Acting Bodybuilding Benefits
  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Ideal For Both Men And Women
  • Multi-Buy Deals Available


  • Purchasable Only From Official Site
  • Risk-Free Trial Not Provided
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  1. I started consuming Winsol when I felt that my energy levels are not as good as its supposed to be, which is why I was getting ripped a bit late. My gym partner advised me to try once Winsol and I agreed with him. I started using these pills every day and I felt nothing for few days but a week, I felt that I was gaining strength and stamina that allows me to work out more and get my weights right. Thanks Crazy Bulk for such good pills, I really appreciate your product.

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